Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buffetting : Countdown

Well, I'm sure everyone's aware that 2010 has finally left us, and now we are cradled in the very arms of 2011.

There are no guarantees that we are going to be as lucky, or as happy like what we've been through in 2010;

Nor there are guarantees that we are still going to be as miserable or screwed up in the the past year.

Yet, there's a guarantee.

The coming days of 2011, its all determined by the very ways of the people's living and the perspectives of them on their lives.And, I've seen how a segment of Malaysian youngsters had loved to live their lives in the coming year.

Casting seas and oceans of white foams all over strangers and their cars without any consideration,

Tossing the used cans and balloons are over the streets and lounges without any sense of responsibility,

Taking in more and more puffs of cigarettes and shishas(which I think are still cigarettes) without any sense of security over their own health.

It's fine to have some fun around to welcome the new year, and give yourselves a new and happy head start for the next 365 days. What's dumb is casting your fun and threatening the comfort and lives of others around you. It is really selfish and totally absurd.

A close circle of anacondas made reservation in the Sunway Tower just to spend a night together. The whole night was practically concert until the topic of Mozart bored Anaconda B into clipping its Ipod to sleep.

Mozart is truly a masterpiece, worth pondering about and to be admired by the next generation. Yet, like the old Chinese saying,


Treasuring the past is one respectful act, yet living in the present and cherish its every moment is too worth every single breathe.

Enjoy every second of the present makes a significant impact on one's life, but never forget to look into the future and plan every single step.

I have nothing against classics, in fact they are such splendid crafts that the word ART can't just simply explain them all. Beethoven, Mozart, and yeah Ave Maria, each have their respectful glories. I find jazz somehow fits into my heart as much as classic do. Nevertheless, look also into the beauty of modern music.

Fine, heavy metal is just way too much. Lady Gaga might have some good songs, but she seriously need to have a new wardrobe. I mean, how can she stand wearing all those costumes and outfits in and out of a building with everything bustling around her? Pops are real good, they've made their ways into several's heart and guided them through hard times.

Being passionate about something is truly good, but sometimes overdoing it by rubbing into some others' face, not that smart. It's good, but not smart.

Enough of the I talk.

Some how, at this point of a person's life, or at least MY point,

Seeking into a comfort zone which a person can truly fit is really misleading.

Some would have claimed that its a blessing to actually have such close circle of friends even after 2 years from high school.

Although I appreciate and is amazed on how far we have made, to a certain extend, I just don't feel like committing anymore.

There are conflicts of interest, even for the best friends. But its getting a little old, more frequent, and the wavelengths of channels and common interests are just going haywire.

It might be the adulthood kicking in, and the quest to search for the inner you steering you into different paths and routes. But I'm sure there are some undiscovered reasons that coaxed anaconda B instead.

Do you have these dilemmas at times? Do you ever question if your companies around you might not be the ones you'd wish to have for the rest of your lives?

Do you ever feel to make a change?

For once, I feel like I need to.

Happy New Year peeps

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