Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buffetting : HKU Interview

It was just like the MUET speaking test I had back in my STPM days.

Both Prof Choi and Prof Tam weren't a little close to be known as scary. In fact, both of them were as described by a fellow interviewee, Nicole---Elderly CUTE.

Fine, they were both male so no Lemon Party pictures around here.

The group interview was okay, practically it was like the normal routine, intro, then group discussion.

Sadly, I was the 1st to start, the Binn practically screwed up a little here and there.

Talked overly fast.
Talked before the brain managed to process.
Blurting out words which shouldn't be saying for Pete's know what reasons.

The worst part, I've only managed to BOAST about my experience as a Buddhist Society President.

What about Disciplinary Officer, Squash Club Secretary, Scouts Quarter Master and the long lists.

Well, somehow for comforting purposes, Binn came out with a good reason.

Since everything boast-able has been written on the CV, might as well just churn about something recent and which has cast more impact.

The group members were real intelligent peeps. We had Nicole, Jessica, owh wait, how is it that CHINESE name are much more easier to forget?

I'm sorry peeps, if you so happen to come across this blog, I apologize and please to drop your name by the comment box so I can contact you someday!

A total of 6 young people, 50% of both genders.

Even though Binn was the only person pursuing health sciences, the others were brilliant in tackling the issue of Global Warming.

It was really an argumental conversation, and speaking out was like IMPOSSIBLE for the first 4 minutes due to the high enthusiasm portrayed by everyone.

Finally Binn managed to butt into the conversation to point out some views on how global warming has spread and the lack of attention and man-power has been invested on it.

Same goes to the idea of GREED participating into the consideration of managing the phenomenon, even more for developing countries like ours, and also the leading one in China.

Everything was really scientific and the whole conversation went a little off course when Binn butted in to talk about plastics, and the direction was heading somewhere else.

So Binn had to take responsibility and invoke a new issue to relate the whole conversation back to global warming.

The first university interview wasn't that bad, though Binn could have performed better with individual interviews as the pressure ain't that immense. Group interviews are fun, but not as fun when you were the 1st in the row.

Anyways, obtaining the offer letter from HKU upon submission of the actual STPM results would be enriching.


  1. fuiyoh....intelligent people with so many posts...

    So you got a conditional offer? All the best!

  2. no la not conditional offer, no idea if i get it or not.. who is the intelligent people?

  3. you lo (and possibly the other interviewees) many involvements in school and community service bla bla....leadership skills etc, haha.

    Don't become sombong har...keep up the good work!

  4. haha thanks mab! aiyar... the posts helped a lil bit here and there only... i bet the others ndid much better than i do because I practically gagged a few words while presenting because I spoke too fast...

    i won't become sombong i swear!

  5. Hi, can i ask something?? can I know, the hku interview is conducted in English or Chinese language or both??

    p/s: I'm not chinese....

    1. English, they stress on the excellence in the language's command!

  6. hi, mind to share your experience about international admissions interview for eligible applicants? thank you!!

    1. It has been 4 long years gosh hahaha I hope I can remember!

      Like what have been depicted in the post, it was about 8 to 10 person group interview. Each person take turns to sound opinions on various issues; regardless of the course you intend to apply. Our interview that day ranged from medical related issues to ecology to green house effect and etc. It spanned about 20 to 30 minutes before it ended.