Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buffetting : Hunting

His eyes were sniping here and there looking for his victim.

There were so many of them and the lights beaming around was too disturbing for him to lock on.

Even more, the constant sonic fluctuation has made him lose his concentration more than he'd expected.

Calmly, he took a sit, had a sip of vodka, and rest his eyes for a second battle.

This time, he sat further from the hurls of beams and waves for a better focus.

Finally, with swishing sandy hazel hair, a mild scent of Le Blanc parfum, he has found the perfect prey.

As their eyes locked on together, the surge of current crossing through their pupil...

*Use the given extract to complete a story of your own, out of the norms."

As most people do in the society, hunting and feeding would be practically the best,or not logical ways to seek for their life partners.

Be it by chances, accidents or by means, the objective of MOST hunts is to mate.

Biologically speaking, hunting occurs as phremones of both sexes, or some cases even same sexes act on and attract each other, as result of nature's cosmic way to determine if the particular subject is able to produce a fertile and desirable offspring.

Sounded like Species, but that's how the nature goes.

Most youngsters who have committed pre-marital sex may blame them on the hormones, which in this case the pheromones, are scientifically acknowledged.

Yet, humans aren't mere animals. We are gifted by nature with the aesthetic control over ourselves, and siblings can't blame their hormones to commit incest do they?

Same goes to those who have commit pre-marital sex before the age of maturity.

Back to hunting. It was only recently that Binn realized how both sexes hunts for their partners.

Basically, the procedures stay the same.

Snipe, Lock on, and be either satisfied and go drooling over, or shake the head vigorously and give absurd critics over the looks.

Obviously, all parties do the same, undeniably Binn does it too.

Nevertheless, due to such confined culture of the Eastern country, being a Muslim country on top, less than 5% of the population dares to forward and go beyond the walls of snipe-feeding.
Of course, the potency of Binn to walk forward is also much confined in our environment. Yet, its pretty much easier and natural if Binn were to be in the same scenario in much , so to speak FREE-er countries such as US or Canada, heck even in Singapore, the following step of getting the number or even a drink is possible.

Guess this is what the term cultural-influence plays its part.

Since Us is gonna happen in a few months, maybe Japan or Hong Kong, guess Binn has to start coping with these kind of trends by then.


Binn real good boy since forever.

What about your outings? Do you have the guts to forefront and ask your hunt for the number or buy them drinks?

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