Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buffetting: Age

Do you remember trying to know what your parents were trying to bicker about back you were, say, 5 to 10?

The immediate answer would stereotypically be:

It has nothing to do with kids. Go away and let us adult talk.

When you were in your teens say around 13 to 16, the answer would normally be:

Do not interrupt when an adult is talking.

And do you remember stomping off and cursing every single thing you know in your cursocabulary behind the adults' backs?

At least, I did.

So what's the big deal about being an adult and being older by 3 zodiac cycles?

It's a lot.

It only came to the senses of the Binn's head today when he left after a badminton session with the usuals.

Its so weird a person call you by you name, for them to be at least a generation ahead of you.

This particular family friend should be around the parent's age, maybe 5 years younger.

Remember the last post of mine about choosing the paths? The family friend was named Sharon and her husband who wished me goodbye back in the badminton session was David.

It somehow strikes me on the generation I'm entering soon.

Leaving the teenage zone and entering adulthood is serious business. Everything is basically up to you and yourself only, and there's no turning back once you have decided upon every matters.

Being acknowledged as an adult can be satisfying, but the vibes of remaining as a teenager somehow overthrow the satisfaction, and the desire burns even stronger.

Gosh, I still remember the sensation when David called the name and said goodbye.
Yeap, David do resembles Goku in some of his facial features and personality. Likable~
He's practically the only person there who waved me goodbye among the adults.

Maybe its a sign that I'm no longer in the bubble of a child's identity, and its time for me to be step into the sea of grown man's arena.

In another month's time the results might probably be out of the oven.

Hopefully everything goes smooth as hoped.

Now to get more sleep and burn more fats.

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