Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buffetting : Greet up

How do you actually greet a stranger the first time you see him?

Hello, Hi, Nice to meet you, It's a pleasure meeting you, Whaddap dog? and the list goes on.

Yet, they're probably nice words just to make a good 1st impression of yourself towards the other party.

Lets zoom back HOME instead.

How do you greet the family members?

Lets phrase it, do you greet them at all?

The weird thing is, we'd probably treat some stranger nice and better, with wide smiles and sparkles coming off our eyes, as compared to someone as close as our own family.

Binn probably just say, "Owh you're back? Uhm okay," when the members come home.

Isn't it weird?

What kind of cosmic rule has stated, or which ideology has gone into most people minds that, consideration of a stranger's feeling is so much more important than the family's?

Somehow, Binn felt this way all the time, and of course acts like this too.

Maybe being so close has automatically programed some kind of assumption that the family would be fine or naturally be adapted to such circumstances, which leads to Adaptive Radiation...

Baah shut it with the STPM Biology.

Well, I guess this happens a lot nowadays, where formalities are only made mandatory in most upper-class wealthy families, with butlers and maids all over the house; or in feasts and among royalties.

Did I mention about first dates?

I personally has not been to one yet, so how was yours?

How do you react to your family as compared to strangers?


  1. Turn one big round to talk about your first date ah...

    I feel bad for the way I treat my family.
    Just FEEL only la.

  2. Hey, i have not been to one okay! I'm serious!

    Feel? In what sense?