Friday, January 21, 2011

Buffetting : Metta

Loving-kindness, and that's something which is lacked by almost 99% of the human population in Malaysia.

Personally, it's really hard to channel the thoughts and mindfulness into trying to feel happy, especially when there are shadows of other parties flashing into your mind every quatron seconds.

Binn just tried like, 30 minutes ago.

Seriously, it's really hard to try practicing such mindset, even more when you are raging inside.

It happens that Kare4 is having such policy that every rm128 spent on a single receipt, the customer is entitled to have a RM8 rebate voucher.

Sadly, alcoholic drinks were not in the list, as Msia is a Muslim country, where alcohols reigns with pretty much less, or no freedom or with 200% tax.

The phenomenon was the claiming of voucher with alcohol purchases is prohibited, and the family did tried to claim anyway.

Binn volunteered to run to the counter to check the claim status, as the sister was taking far too long to claim, without a single phone call of confirmation.

As "honestly", yet labeled as "stupid"/"dumb"/"foolish"/"you will not survive in the society" act of Binn abruptly blurting the words of "So alcohols can claim ar?" across the air, the claim was halted by the dude/dudess from the customer services, right before the sister signed.

After some arguments and deliberation, the claim was official rejected.

"I can't believe a 20 years old can be THIS stupid,"

"Why can't you just shut up and ask 'is everything fine instead'?"

Presumably the following dramas is well expected and well known by Msian readers.

"May I be well and happy always," that was the verse kept ringing in the mind.

Everything else was forcefully ignored in order to invoke... fine, inFUSE the verse into the oval head of Binn.

Proudly, the mind was managed to be settled down and the rage of burning flares was put off by the calmness of the head.

It was such a satisfying feeling and satisfaction in order to calm oneself down, and not debate further, for the sake of oneself well-being, as well as other parties.

It would be nice to be practicing more of such ideology. Yet, not the expense of one's principal and mind.

One should start wishing himself well before he start focusing on others, because the thoughts of hatred or vengeance might just rise, even more when you are enraged by a particular subject.

The mom said it was THE principle of life.

But something rang in Binn's head.

THE was referring to HER life. What about MY principle?

So, you expect Binn to give extra dosage of drugs to sedate someone else, or to not bother of some tiny extra drugs in the patient's list?

Sorry, I have MY principles too. And I will keep on to it.

Being born in an accountant and business field monopolized family has made cash something so essential that it can't be clung out of our lives.

I for one, want to be different.

Of course, everyone wishes to live in wealth, but still I'm fine with terms with cash, particularly when it comes to honesty with cash.

Well, I guess I have a longer road towards practicing wholesomely with the ideology of Metta.

What about you? Would you practice Metta towards the people around you?

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