Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buffetting : Ways to Drink

Have you looked into the mirror before while you were gulping the H2O down your throat?

If you do, what position do you hold as you wash the liquid down?

Do you put your hand by your side?

Do you hold it right in the middle of the air, approximately few inches in front your chest?

Do you just hold your water container with your both hands?

Something which Binn has realized, the right hand normally holds the bottle while tucking it into the hippo-sized mouth, whereas the left hand normally clutches onto the shirt for Pete knows reasons.

Any psychology bachelors out there can explain such phenomenon?

There are also other sights you can spot while someone else is drinking.

Some prefer to drink without any lip contact with the bottle, causing some of the water dripping down their chest, which most ladies find it sexy in men.

Some take a big gulp down their stomach, and take a DEEEP breathe after.

Some breathe while drinking the water.
Of course, this can only be done by peeps in this age, or pretty much only those who practice acrobats can drink like this.
So, what position you take while drinking?

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