Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buffeting : Experiences

The 2 weeks of the post-STPM cum pre-2011 wasn't a waste after all. The experiences learned along the run was truly enlightening and satisfying.

Experience NO.1: Broga/Beroga Hike.

Technically, the whole trip was more like a half walking and a half climbing session.

It was infuriating to be behind schedule, when the plan was to start the whole process one hour later than the original plan.

Yet, it was no one else to blame except for the inconsistent and inaccurate road signs which Malaysia's government has built.

Imagine going to north-west, when Kajang is actually north.

The original navigator was good enough for me, the only flaw he had was the 1st junction was wrong, and the whole scenario has ended with the reliance on the computer, namely GPS.

Experienced backpackers should know better than to rely on the rectangular piece of circuits and led screen, yet due to several unheard, literally, reasons and arguments, we were stalled for the whole session.

Nevertheless, the roaring heart of a young cub urges him to reach for the top as fast as he could, so as the sun rise could be sighted.

Imagine yourself basking under the moonlight early in the morning at 6 a.m.

Venturing through shrubs and *roll eyes* palm tree, on the freaking bump road.

You were practically in a novel or story book yourself, undergoing each and every of the details as portrayed in those books.

Listening to your own pants(the one from your mouth, not covering the are below waistline), feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins, breathing the clean air infused with leafy aroma. Ya know?

The flames in the cub flared so strong, until the real deal comes. Climbing the slopes and stones.

Fine, the cub was a bear cub, at least by heart. His has already reached a fully-grown bear's size.

Wrapping a pair of good gloves over the hands would be a good idea for future hikes.

They provide friction, which you really need during the grabbing of rocks and vines.

Even though the hike was still okay, the bear was on his paws and feet all the way up to the top.

It was not long..

Fine give or take, 30 minutes till the other cubs chased on. One was the monkey, another was a chimpanzee.

The bear was lucky to have both primates to his aid, because the coaxing and encouragement they provided each other allowed them to pull through and reach the hill's peak.

Thanks monkey on the left, chimpanzee on the center.

The whole hike towards the top took the trio around 45 to 50 minutes. Not that fast, but still a good beginning for amateur like the bear.

To conclude, hiking is a good exercise for all species and the fulfillment and satisfaction attained is truly exhilarating.

Did I mention I've met other primates from the churches where I stay?
Yes the world is that small.

Experience No.2: Tartsday~

Baking tarts is no joke, especially egg tarts.

Being a first timer, Ratatouille scooped up a few recipes here and there in the net. Upon attaining the most tantalizing-looking recipe in The Food Site the little rodent embark its journey towards awesomeness of PastryVille.

Like before, molding the best crust has became the utmost challenging task, even more when everything is HAND MADE. Although Ratatouille has humongous palms, the kneading and dough punching was still tiring.

Obviously, everything was really based on TRIAL and ERROR, and no synthetic method was applicable.
I had to hunt these aluminiums all over Subang for 3 days until the girl friend(not what you think) dropped a comment in FB...

The next step was to bring the yellow dude into the house. The problem

Dropping the egg down the tart was fun and really, dexterity counts ALOT. It's like chemistry practical all over again, minus the scales available on the apparatus.

And the final step was to send the babies into the incubator for incubation*duuh, what else? fertilization?*

Now, that was pretty simple wasn't it?

The side quest for Ratatouille was, CONTROLLING THE OVEN.

Too bad the home has no proper oven, all baking was practically performed by microwave bread toaster. The results were still okay, below expectation but still a credit was scored for ab amateur like Ratie.

The turning of knob and panicking over expanding egg tarts bulbs was real frustrating, but somehow the whole process was,

jeez I can't believe I'd say ENJOYING.

There you go, homemade EggTARTS~~~~~

Never use brown sugar. The eggs are too weak against the invasion of the brownies.

Conclusion, tiring. Really. The whole afternoon was spend kneading and measuring everything from scratch. The last thing I needed was the crash of the modem.

That's a wrap. Lately, there have been stories circulating in the bear's brain. I wonder if I should compile them into a book.

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