Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buffetting: Converging Thoughts

Yes, I'm sure those comments in my FB profile picture has blown plenty away.

I'm once again, BALD.

Well, its more like a head start,literally, for my new year's resolution in 2011.

Go bald, get fit, get into a good course.

I'm not sure if I'm considered lucky, in the sense that I've been steered back into my initial direction and ambition, becoming a doctor.

Yet, there's a glitch. I might not be practicing medicine even after I've graduated, due to the fact that I have not much confidence in performing my duties as a surgeon, as proposed by my family friend.

Isn't it weird? After an immense load of research, I'm some how given the death sentence to take medicine no matter what.

It's like I've beating around the bush all these while, and it was pretty much a waste of time for all the course hunting and the late nights of Internet scrounging.

Yet, a good friend of mine directed me to another perspective, taking those research as a worthwhile effort. At least a fundamental conception has managed to establish and I know this course leads to a better future for me.

"The boys at your age of 19 and 20 have a very high tendency of ruining your own future by your bare hands."

The words were so strong and vexing, and I can still hear her words echoing in my mind.

True enough, the route Yvvone managed to lay out was crystal clear that taking medicine will be the best choice for what I wish to do in the future.

"Be the best, and you can branch out anytime you wish."

It's the second time I've heard this, but this time its from a friend, not a family member.

Have you even encounter the feeling that an advice form a complete stranger somehow is much more acceptable compared to your own family?

It happens to me, a lot.

Studies, Trips, Technical issues, I somehow find it easier to listen with a much more open mind from a stranger or friend, rather than a person who are at least, blood related to me.

Family seemed to be somehow a wall for me to breakthrough, in order to be much more outstanding.

Well, the decisions are finally made. Medicine should be the right choice for me in the long term.

I guess the only abroad plan for me now is to America.*hello Hollywood!*

The whole route probably take me up to 8 years upon graduation. Plenty needed to be settled.

Visa, Scholarship, Living Expenses, Tuition Fees for 8 freakin' years.

Guess I need to pay another visit to Carlton's for more tips and advices.

Well, that's pretty much how thoughts were converged lately, and darn. I still have tarts to bake tomorrow.

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