Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Front Seat

Yeah... the front seat... how could I ever link it up to my blog? It was the Genting trip... Well i think my pictures speaks a thousand words for me so i will skip the boring diary crap..

Since young we though that sitting in the front seat meant power and status(coz thats how it goes in my family) so among the siblings we had really competed for the seat. When it came to teenagers, front seat had became a burden because almost everything, I mean everything is under our control and care. That includes getting tissues, the CD player, the bottle of water, the air-conditioning and loads of stuffs in the car... Yeah so everyone will be aiming for the second portion of seat of the car, especially in SUVs or MPVs ( Sports Utilized Vehicle>i think< and Multi Purpose Vehicle) But, in trips involving outing with friends instead of family, the front seat would be a sacrifice and symbol of loneliness. Maybe you may think that I'm overacting and yes I do that a lot, today was really a tough day. I have predicted that if an extra person boarding the car, that means one person gets left out. I mean during the rides in the theme park in Genting, someone will be left out as it goes in pair and we had 11 persons. Yet, all the rides were only less than 5 or 7 minutes only. Sitting infront with the driver for 2 solid hours was freaking boring and lonely. Honestly speaking, I had really wanna break down back in the car, seriously. Who wants to sit alone right in front where you can talk to no one and just listening to your friends doing the hahaha at the back? I mean it is different if the driver seat is occupied with your friend, at least you could have chit chat and all but with a complete stranger? I had really sit on the floor at the back seat. I listened to song throughout the ride form the top of Genting back to Subang Jaya, and seriously the emotional songs in my playlist made me even lonely and sad... Gaaah.... I had to sacrifice..... Now, Im taking my undang test tomorrow at two, and I hadn't study a single crap... owh well, there goes my days in the front seat and back seat, by January 2009 I would be taking the driver's seat for good....

Back to the trip, I finally understand how fragile friendship can be with such significant difference in ideology and policies. Well, since I really wanted to blog about this, I don't mind saying the person's name Jia Wei, Heng ; yes it is him, My so-called best friend from 2006-2008, July. I have no idea how this happened, but he is really an odd one out. Lets start with Quarantined. Everyone wanted to watch Quarantined the zombie show from Hollywood before going to the Haunted Mansion(btw is a freaking turn off) to get into the scary mood but this freaking stubborn bastard refused totally to join. He said its a waste of time and money and he never ever want to do that. Because of his stubbornness, the whole gang to 10 person had to give in and watched BOLT, the darn boring Pixar's animation which makes no sense, it really put the name of Pixar down, really don't watch it.. The plot was totally a disappointment. So, whose fault it was? Heng Jia Wei. He was really , I mean really selfish throughout the whole trip, it was like his sense were turned off and his typical Malaysian's ideology pops out like a freaking 500degreed pop corn machine. I mean isn't it obvious and known that coming to Genting, it is unavoidable to spend on food and fun? If you hadn't expect and prepared for this, why bother join the trip at the 1st place? I mean if the decision the party made was really off-beat then of course, we will ditch the idea. But everyone was really in the mood and the condition was acceptable, why can't he just give in and enjoy? I really hated the whole scenario. And, back to friendship. After July 1st, 2008 we barely talk to each other. Maybe it was me who avoided and ignored him at first, but most of the comrades noticed, that he was the one who was antisocial ever since. During the trip, from the name "Yong bin" it turned into "this fella" i mean, come on if you don;t know me, duuh you call fella But hello? Being in the same class for 2 freaking years and seeing my name in the namelist for almost 367 days a year, you can't remember my name? Ok, fine maybe I was really, REALLY self-centred but then again, in the hotel, and throughout the trip, Jia Wei literally stuck with Sai Cheong in almost every second and ignored most of the people in the trip. I don't think anynoe else's conversation with him lasted more than 5 minutes exceptionally from Sai Cheong, Peng Han, and maybe when waking up Yi Xian. Antisocial... I had wonder why his stubbornness and rural-ideology had emerged like mad but I just couldn't fin the solution. Everyone, I mean everyone had grown, matured and became rational. But jia wei had technically reversed his mentality and the 2 whole years of learning management as the Head Prefect was dumped into the recycle bin. Gosh... I wonder if the messages he had sent to everyone was that real.... Questions and thoughts.. Jia Wei, I had really hoped you had take a look in this post and reflect yourself int he mirror. Ignorance is not a bliss. Some times, PR skills and really important, especially when we are heading into the era which there are boundless limits... Everyone will be watching you and your manners, watch it just a little even you are that close with the people you know best... Think big and think for the situation, not yourself... Adaptation to circumstances is the assets as a Pilot too, this soft skill can save 1000 over passengers in on board... Reminder.... Whoa, 3 freaking paragraphs on complaining about jia wei, I think most of us can write a book on "complains about jia wei, Heng" right? haha... yet we bared with it, because we were all considerate.

Well, the genting trip would be really fun if the 3 paragraphs didn't occur at all... Even though i skipped the 3rd strike of space shot, i was glad I did.. 2 times was the limit, JR we made the right choice. So many promises we have made.. But can we succeed them? would this be one of the last time these 11 personas go for a trip together? Will we still be this close? Some of us may even become distant after not going to the same paths or colleges... Example, me who wanted to go to Japan for studies so much... So many questionable facts, yet no possible answers exist. Truely, this party of 11 people were the people I had share all possible secrets with:
Peng Han, you are fun and exciting, be with you everyday would be something called life
Sai Cheong, witty and full of attitude, yet that was what I had liked about you, I felt comfortable around you, and you are the typical dream guy, work on your shyness around girls.
Yi Xian, sensible but sometimes overdo stuffs, you have your very limits, but may be u should work on your wisdom at times.
Jer Renn, we are like the perfect twins if the size of our bodies do not differ that much, you know what i mean and i can't bare losing you in myb life.
Iman, you are realy cute and full of surprise, work a little bit on your limitations, you ARE the prefect man.
Arief, you know how to have fun and you are very considerate, yet i had to say you need to watch your limits
Shaung, you are too nice, buff up a little and don't let others manipulate you easily, be nice yet firm with your grounds at the same time...
Yuet, you are really perky the whole time... but just control youself at times ok? don't overdo stuffs.
Yi lin, you are really nice to talk with and all the jokes you mae with yuet really aided me throughout the trip.. Thanks loads.
Jia Wei, I had my complaints.. Seriously, this trip had really made me to dislike you even more for some valid reasons, but I will try my best to open up, at the same time i hope you would do that also not only to me but to the people around you. Trust me, they felt exactly what i felt.

Okey... Picture time!!! To compensate my quotes' disappearance...

Group Pic!!!


My proness in adjusting self-timer

The jantans~~~

Snow world!!!!

Before Bumping Car

Cool Pic

The best Picture taken

With the clowns

in the hotel~

Nite Shot

The obscene shot

Picture perfect?

Thats about the genting trip, i think i will hold the annual dinner post back for a while... Chop chop i will study for my undang now!!! Wish me luck peeps!

Signing Off,

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