Monday, December 8, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABS Zen 2

I wanted to give up actually coz this post deleted itself but i had the time to redo it back in kedah, so might as well eh?

Another rumbling occurred. Suane was really intimidated. She can’t stop shivering. It’s simply amazing that I could still sit still and calm her down. Maybe the operations and adrenaline pumping in and out daily in the field had made me stronger, bolder and calmer. “Attention passengers. Please do not move from your seats at any rate. Please sit still and wait for the plane to land in 15 minutes. I repeat…” What is the matter with the captain? What is the matter with Sein? My goodness I can’t believe he is the captain handling this! Didn’t he expected this to happen? Questions of him start pouring into my thoughts. All of the mistakes he had made this very trip. I couldn’t stop my mind until the silence in my mind broke by a piercing scream. I stood up to screen the area but the steward urged me to sit down. I obeyed but my instincts told me something was going on. I peeked through the cleavages between the seats behind to check again. “Binn did you hear that?” Suane spoke. I listened really deep into the crowd. “Someone help! My wife’s water just broke!” I sprang up instantly. It was real. Can I do it? Can I save the infant and the mother without my trusted equipments? I had no time. I had to haste.

Something pulled me back. It was Suane. She held my arm really hard and murmured, “Please, don’t leave me here. I’m terrified. It’s all his fault. He should have piloted the plane professionally… he should have… he should have….” And she broke down. Eyes were staring at me. I ignored them and gripped her hands firmly. I knew I had to reassure her for her to keep still and steady. “Look, if you think you can be safe, you CAN be safe. It is all psychology making here. Now, I am not leaving you. Someone else needs my help. You can do this alone. Let me help her. Please?” I looked into her eyes. They were so fragile. Any little matter can easily shatter them. Her confidence wasn’t there anymore. It was as if I was facing a three years old child. Just when I was about to push her hands down, she picked up her senses and requested, “Bring me with you. I’m a girl and I know perfectly how she feels. Then I wouldn’t be that far from you and I can help you out right? Please?” I nodded and gave a weak smile. And we sped to the source of the scream. The lady was lying on the floor. The stewards gave up forcing me to sit still. The lady was moaning and the amniotic fluid was over the blue carpet of the magalunium’s base. Her husband, covered with sweat was reacting frantically. He was confused and lost. He kept screaming, ‘Any doctors or midwives here? Please! She is about to give birth any second!” I squeezed through the stewardesses surrounding the woman and sounded, “Are you idiots or you had never learnt science? The lady needs her space and oxygen! Disperse RIGHT NOW!!!!” This time they had to listen to me and they moved away immediately. Most of them was giving me a suspicious look and doubted my profession. Its normal, I abruptly attached my identity on my pocket and started to work on the lady.

“Stewards, make sure the crowd is calm and do not let people step near the compound. Stewardesses, get me some clean cloth and some hot water. Quick! Get me some sterilizer and scissors too. Chop chop!” I moved my attention towards the woman. She was moaning and screaming of pain. “Suane, go behind her and hold her still. I need to check her womb now.” She jumped to back and hold her. Suane was comforting the lady with her soul-touching words. She is a natural. Slowly, I opened her legs and looked into the womb. Third phase, the endometrium walls are constricting every 2 minutes due to the oxytocin. The baby is coming out anytime. “Uhm, ma’am. I’m here to help you okay? I’m a doctor specializing in gynecology and you need to follow my every instruction. You clear?” She nodded very hard and gave another scream. Naturally, I thought.

“Attention please passengers. We are landing on the Narita Airport in 10 minutes time. Please do not move away from your seats. I repeat…” What on earth is Sein thinking? There is lady going to labour here and he still insisted to land? What is the matter with him? “I demand your captain here right now!” Before I noticed Sein appeared behind me. “Yes? May I be your assistance?” he asked. I looked at him, with rage flaming in my eyes and spoke, “Yes you can actually. Can you postpone your landing? There is 2 person’s life is at stake here, the baby and the mother. If you think that you are responsible enough, you will allow me to perform the laboring process before you land, Mr. Captain,” I said sarcastically. He gave me a confident smile, obviously to cover his mistake and replied coolly, “Of course, Young, Anything to make sure they are safe. I will make the announcement immediately. Good luck in the process and please make sure they are fine,” and he strolled back to the cockpit. Cocky man, if anything happened to any of the passengers he will be on the blame. Du uh, he wants them to be fine. Anything, as long as I have time to save the baby and the lady. Jerk.

“Ok, breathe like this,” and I showed her how to breathe according to the normal labour phase. She followed and screamed again. “Ok, I understand it is painful but it is going to be over soon ok? Every scream, try your best to push REALLY hard!” I told her. She nodded and did exactly how I conveyed. “WHERE IS THE WATER AND CLOTH???? AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES TOP CLASS SERVICE???” I scowled desperately for the items. The stewardesses rushed in with the knocking sounds of their high heels on the floor. The one who was bringing the cloth broke her heel and fell. The cloth was all over the floor and she sprained her ankle. Another scream occurred. “I was expecting CLEAN cloth?” I asked her. She gave me the I-am-innocent look and I ignored her. “ UGRH!!!!!!!!!” A tiny hairy sphere-like object oozed through the vagina. It’s the head! “Ma’am continue you are doing great! Continue!” Another push, the whole head is out. I rested it on my palms. The stewardesses were all screaming of joy or disgust, I have no time to discover. The water and cloth were sent. Suane was still by the side of the lady, gently whispering to her. The lady showed no sign of stress besides the pain of the uterine wall thanks to Suane’s great job. I concentrated on the foetus. Its head was still covered in placenta blood. “Okay ma’am around 5 more pushes and it is out! PUSH!!!!” I can feel the whole supportive atmosphere from the crowd. They were also screaming and yelling, “PUSH!!!” Every single push the infant’s body gets visible and moving out of the vagina. By the last push, the whole foetus was in my hands with the umbilical cord, attaching the infant’s belly button to the mother’s placenta. Swiftly and gently, I razored the umbilical cord with the sterilized scissors from the belly button and covered it in the new, clean cloth after I cleaned it from the blood with the warm water. I gave a little pat on its buttock and it gave a low cry. “It is a boy ma’am and he is very healthy. Congratulations upon your successful labour!” and I walked slowly towards the lady. The whole crowd clapped and cheered. I swear I heard a few , “Way to go doc!” a few times. The woman held her baby and all, I mean ALL the ladies were crying. Few of the men cried too. Bet it is magnificent to witness such significant happening. Well, it is my first time outside an operation theatre so I can’t say I wasn’t touched at all. The baby made a few cry and the woman say to it, “You are blessed. You are protected. And you are special to be born in the borders of the country. Thank you, for bringing my child to this world,” she said after looking up at me. Her husband grabbed my hand so hard and showed his gratitude by hugging me. I was half way suffocating in his arms. Suane chuckled when she saw me. I gave her the i-am-dead-soon look form the man’s back. By the time the man released me, I felt a sudden weak jolt in the back of my head. Unnoticed, I landed on the carpet and blacked out.

Haha thats about it for Zen 2, hope you enjoy it~ I m so out of ideas right now

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