Friday, December 12, 2008

Flying Colours

Yes I did it! I passed my undang test for reading it 24 hours b4r the est started haahah.... I passed with a 46, ok for an average people, my friends scored 48 with lucks, accuracies and wisdom... I have waited 4 hours, actually much lesser than my ex tuition mate, Chua in the place, he had waited for 6 hours haha....... ok lar it was not that bad... kesian yuet ar... one more to pass oni... wonder why malaysia wanted us to take all these nonsensicle tests. owh well.. I've passed it now its just the 6 hours course and by end of jan, i shall obtain my P license!!!!!

Back X, met X again lately... Should I just let go? X is obviously not noticing me..(Duuh X is always crowded with people). I wonder if X ever noticed how i felt... Owh well... I've been on9ing with X and well, our conversations had been so professional. Happening I was also msing with Yi lin the same time, the feelings were really in the mixture dilema. We were talking abour dreams.. my very dream was to become a doctor, with full financial aid form various sponsors of course. X was aiming for the sky, you do your math. I did consider taking the same path as X and soar togtehr, yet I have been thinking, why persist? Why not just let myself get loose and relax? Ugh, binn let go~~~ This relationship wont't work and you know it... Why am I blogging and talking to myself at the same time?

B&G relationship(boy n girl) >sigh< does only monks and nuns can skip this chapter of human's life... How is it that I could aid other people in their love lives when I am banging the wall literally every second of my life?(banging on the Pc monitor now) So lost and so confused... Seeing my other comrades getting into relationships and had the courage to let go, i'g realy wished i could have done that light years ago... Form5 would be a much easier path to walk if i had done that. Yet, my stubbornnes persisted. Crap... What ha really got into me? Somebody save me......

Paths and chances, walk and grab, soar and hold, ugh... which and what to take? Time to decide... shall i take the long way out or the alternatives? Is diving into the clouds better, or holfing the sthethoscopes arond the red-crossed building much more satisfying? oh god please give me a hand in deciding

PS; the story, i think i nid to hold it back... I've got issues to worry about~

Signing Off,

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