Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen 3

The icy prick on my forehead forced me to rekindle my eyes. I was looking on white ceiling of the dome, trying to recollect my conscious. “ Chuyishitekudasai. Okyakusama, Narita Kuukou kara Kouromubia e tobu no hikouki ga yonjyugofun naka de suhpatsusurutokorodesu. Okyakusama, anatatachi no bangoguchi e ittekusasai. Jyouhou manhiku.” The native Japanese accent slow became clearer upon my awakening. From the blur to clear, I saw two paramedics. They were asking if I were alright. I nodded and said yes. They were both Japanese. Another announcement came up in English, yet the native accent did not fade. Slowly I climbed up from the couch and saw several personas surrounding, including Suane, Sein and the lady who just gave birth. “What are you doing here? Please get to the nearest hospital now!” I urged the lady. She sped towards me and said, “Not without a picture of you and my baby!” and a flash shoted right into our faces. “You shouldn’t have done that to your born baby! Yet, since it has been exposed to so much, a little neon flash wouldn’t harm much.” I said. I can’t believe I uttered such words from my own lips. As a doctor, there are plenty pledges and policies and all so… owh well. She bade me goodbye and slowly strolled away with her husband and the newborn. Sein patted me from the back and asked, “Are you alright? You sure you do not need to go to the hospital?” I shook my head and checked my belongings. I turned on my Xperia and checked the time. Another 45 minutes till lunch. Suane came out from my back and asked the same question too. “Are you both jinxed or something? You are asking the exact same question!” They giggled among themselves. “Well, I think I have to report to the HQ first. Young, later?” he held his hand to his ear and make the phone call sign. I nodded and turned back to Suane. She was ok now. Besides the fact that her hair was a little messy, she was fine. I stroked her hair to tidy it until she checked my forehead , “ You sure you are ok? I mean you blacked out back in the plane! It is no joke ya know? Don’t you think its better for you to check in the hospital or the paramedics in the airport?” I shook my head,: “Hey, I’m a doc, Suane. Its my body we are talking about. I think its my blood glucose level. I haven’t take anything in my stomach since yesterday noon. Since its near lunch, wanna go for a bite in the streets of Chiba for lunch?” She picked her luggage and shrugged, “After I tidied up myself in the ladies’ please? Will you hold my luggage for me?” She handed over her green-colored oval-shaped luggage and went to the ladies’. I took it and went to the same direction she headed. I waited and scanned the surrounding. As the most sophisticated country in the world, it is a normal thing for the whole place to filled with people form different races and ages. I see scouts from various countries, bet there is a jamboree going on. Then there were plenty of vacation agencies’ tours and loads of businessmen and women strolling around the silvery tiles of Narita Airport. Restlessly I slipped my Xperia out from my left pocket, and checked my messages. “+601X-XyZyzYx” was the number. I opened the message and found out it was from Sein. “Dinner at Yakitsuki, Chiba? Will be waiting there,” Well, he really wanted a chat huh? Owh well, he will need to wait for me to check in first. The crack from the door knob broke my inner silence and a refreshed version of Suane glided out. Her hair is now tidily combed and her horrified face now became more cheerful and energetic. Surprisingly she didn’t use any cosmetics on her face, almost every single patient of mine had a thin layer of base cosmetic on their faces. She wanted to retrieve her luggage but I insisted on doing the dirt job. And we walked to the exit for the cab.

“Aren’t you going to pick that up?” Suane reacted when she heard the ringing from my Xperia. I broke myself from stoning and picked up my phone. After the conversation with the receptionist, I frowned really hard and sighed. Instantly she asked why. I ignored her even though I knew I shouldn’t but my instinct told me to keep it low. I requested the driver to move to Chiba Hospital immediately and muted until I reached the destination. Suane became restless after the sudden silence for 15 minutes. Upon reaching the entrance, I asked Suane to wait in the canteen while I slide into my scrubs. I hasted in my leather shoes and took my stethoscope from my bag. I totally forgotten about my luggage but I didn’t had time to think about it. The E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y words lighted in red even it was a Japanese hospital. For the next three hour’s process, I’d really keep it as a record… I shuffled out from the boards, with my head looking at the ground. No good. Even with Chiba’s best doctors, the complication we had in the theatre was beyond mankind’s imagination and explores. Suane was no longer be seen. Well, it IS normal, especially you stood a girl up right in front of the nose. Mrs Nakagawa’s body couldn’t take the radiation we had. It was a really horrifying scene. Anyway, I need to get my room checked in before the time ends. It was 6.45 shown in my Xperia and it was dark already outside. It is Japan, so obviously it gets darker earlier than Malaysia does. I called for a cab and made my way to Takahiro hotel.

The sophisticated technology in the hotel was breathtaking. I’d really love gadgets since young and I never wait to get my hands on them. I literally pressed every button in my vision range to test their functions. From the toilet to the bed, the buttons never ran out of sight. Gosh, there are ten times more buttons in this room compared to Malaysia’s best hotel rooms. I undressed myself and got into the bathroom. The hot water flushed around my body as I turned on the tap. Relaxing and refreshing. I could really use the rejuvenation. As I wanted to fill the tub with water, my phone rang. I ignored it, assuming it may be some hospital work and reports to fill in. Yet, seconds later, it rang again. It continued a few more times. Yes, it must be an emergency. I dashed out the bathroom naked and felt the cold sting on every inches of my body to grab my phone. Murmuring, I looked into the caller ID.

It was Sein. Oops, I totally forgotten about the dinner. I wanted to answer the phone, but just realized that it was a Video Call. I rejected the call and grabbed the towel. After 5 seconds, my phone rang again. Goodness gracious, another video phone call? I barely had the time to put my clothes on! Yet, it was a call form another guy, so it shouldn’t be any problem. I answered the call, with my upper body naked. ‘Are you ready for the dinner? We have been waiting for a long time ya know?’ the image form the phone poped. We? I thought you and me were the WE! Are there any other WEs around? ‘Uhm, just another 15 minutes. I was kind of busy juts now. Promise to be there in 15 minutes!’ I answered, then hung up. I slid into my white slacks and put on a white sleeveless, along with my white jacket. Promptly, I got my identifications and keys, then whizzed out of the room.

Kindori was as beautiful as how its name sounded. The neon sign was hanged gracefully with golden bulbs, twinkling with a rhythmic pace. Even with the spectacular lightings, the shop didn’t moved away form its traditional design of native Japanese grilled-chicken shops. The scrumptious smelling smoke puffing out from the cloth hooked my body into the shop, but the urge of meeting Sein and the other person too hasten my footsteps. I recognized Sein with from his broad, lean shaped shoulder and his handsomely combed hair. Yet, there was another person sitting beside him The person was rather smaller size than Sein, not very, around below average height compared to a normal Asian. His hair was combed neatly to the side ways with a huge stream of line in between and he was a real chatter. I listen closely to his voice. Oh no. It couldn’t be. Of all the people in the world, he Combo-ed with this person to form a WE???

Who is the other person? Still wondering what kind of character to put into it... Well, wait till next post peeps!

PS: JR, your visual-reading thingy u have wanted... Hope u like dit this time~

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