Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen 4

Took me a while to chuck in new characters.. Seemed like I had to modify them so that people don't recognize where I've got my inspirations from. There you go, Zen 4.

I shuffled towards the stretched table really hard. My ten-tanned feet weren’t willing to budge at any rat. Every single cell in my body are giving negative feedbacks and constricting me from advancing. NO way, after all these years he hunted and stalked Sein to the very corners? Does he really need to do that? Seriously! That very figure, that very hairstyle. He planned it, he designed it, he executed it.

“And then I was like, ‘hey the autopilot is not switched on yet’ and the amateur was panicking and shivering! Hahahaha….” Geez, that sinister laugh. It must him. Who else possess the ability and weirdness to do that laugh? I sat beside Sein, doubting that he would notice, and ordered myself sa-ke. Quietly, I enjoyed myself, canceling the noise and irritating laughs of the person. It continued until Sein called me again, realizing I was already sitting beside him and showing him my Xperia.

“Young! Why didn’t you told me you were here? I was starting to worry about you!” ‘Yeah, you were STARTING to Not already have. Seemed like you are having loads of fun with this fella over here to me.’ I answered with an icy tone. He gave me an im-so-sorry face and stood up. ‘Remember this guy? Cystol Howal from 5 Akazakura! He too pursued piloting, but the defensive division.’ Yeah, he was all about military and the engineering mumbo jumbos back in high school. Owh great can’t believe I had t meet him here, I was expecting an old friend reunion, not lame ass confrontation. Anyway, I have to bare with it, just to entertain Sein, how long can we meet each other from now? Sein sat back and took a bite of grilled chicken. ‘Scrumptious~ Kindori’s the best!’ ‘Isn’t this the first time you’ve been here?’ I asked out of anxiety. “We came here after the air craft systemic conference during our first year. It was really intimidating knowing the smarts in Japan. Yet, we became better didn’t we?” answered Cystol out of nowhere. Sein nodded while I practically ignored Cystol. We had issue back in high school. I just couldn’t stand his ignorance to everything and his self-indulging personality.

The night was really boring. I couldn’t say much to Sein because of the bloke sitting beside him and Cystol was literally stuck to Sein, even when Sein was heading to the gents. I lost my appetite to eat and had just gulped my sa-ke after ordering it. Sein was enjoying himself with Cystol, recalling everything about engines to auto pilots to cabins to motors and every single detail about air craft. Don’t they have anything else to share other than work, work and work? After one long, tiring hour of staying in Kindori’s, I’ve decided to leave the magnificent place, due to the ignorance of the two and my tiredness. ‘Sein, I think I should be going now. See you next time, if we have any chance at all,’ and I strode out the shop.

I was stomping furiously across the lit streets of Chiba drive. The knocking clacks of my leather shoes on the tarred-black road were loud enough to attract the very attention of the bustling crowd of Chiba. Embarrassed, I hurried to the nearest mart. The automatic door sensed my presence and slid open. I sighed and stepped into the fluorescent lighted store, aimlessly wondered around the food corner. Wow, Japanese are intelligent. From rice curry to instant pork chops, the food genre never fades. Yet, I had really lost the appetite to put any of those into my lips anymore. Disappointed, I walked towards the beverage section and got myself a packet of nutrition jello. When I was about to pick one up, another hand intercepted. I moved my hands away and looked up. She had a pair of dazzling jade-green eyes. Her hair was wavy and silky, laid on the shoulders when she was leaning down to reach the packet. Her nose was pointy and she looked vulnerable. Without noticing I said “sorry” to her even though I was in the Japanese mart. She gave a sunlit smile and pushed her sideburn behind her ears, revealing her left ear, accessorized with a dangling sapphired-earring. “It’s fine. I didn’t expect a Japanese to speak such fluent American dialect.” As she stood up straight. She looked like she is in her 20s and she was around 174 centimeters tall. She stepped back, and smiled. “Well, I didn’t expect someone would say that I’m a Jap! By the way, I’m Young Binn Trelance, from Malaysia,’ and I held my hand out. She shook my hand as I gripped it firmly. ‘Greetings, I’m Jeraldine Rose Lewis, an Aussie.’

Of course! Her slang was so obvious! Can’t believe I’ve missed that. Instantly, I grabbed another packet of jello and continued our conversation. ‘So what took you here? Didn’t you have enough back in Kindori’s?’ she asked with a teasing tone. I paused and asked ‘How’d you figure?’ along with an astonishing expression. She chuckled and answered ‘The smoking smell from you of course! Plus, Kindori’s is the nearest barbeque store anyway.’ I gave her a smile and answered ‘Well, let’s just say someone let me down.’ ‘Your girl?’ ‘Naah, it’s a guy. Old friend. Suppose to be a great night but an annoying ass tagged along,’ She frowned, ‘Well, you have got to really hate this “ass” huh? He bugged you that much?’ ‘Ever since he entered my life in high school,’ as I shook my head hard.

As we strolled to the cashier and paid for what we’ve got, we talked about Cystol. Surprisingly, I was able to whine all about Cystol to a complete stranger I’ve met in a mart while she was willing to listen too. ‘Maybe you do care about him after all,’ explained Jeraldine as we sat on a bench facing the glittering night life of Chiba. ‘NO WAY! I mean, he literally disgust me! How could I possibly CARE about him?’ and I took a sipped off the jello. She twisted the cap of the bottle again and again but it wouldn’t budge. At last she handed over and asked for my assistance as she said ‘Normally people who hate another person do not care about him at all. But in your case, you exceptionally took note of his every movement… Owh well, different perspective I guess,’ as she claimed her jello and took a sip. ‘Ugh, that would be my nightmare. Back to you, how is it possible for such lady like you to be wandering in a mart at this time, alone? No date?’ and I leaned forward and look at the sparkling sight of Chiba. She laid back and gave a sigh. Before I could ask why, she spoke ‘Well, let’s just say I have work up my sleeves that kept me away from getting a mate all these years.’ ‘Oh yeah, what is your affiliation anyway?’ She took out her ID and a business card, putting them on my hands which are holding the packet. I set the packet aside and screened thoroughly. “Broadcasting manager, Lespawn Network,” was printed on the card. ‘Whoa, broadcasting manager! No wonder you had no time for these kinda stuffs! Must be tough huh?’ ‘Yes, and I’m going to stay here for few months’ time for the meeting and courses for exposure purposes. What about you?’ as she slipped her ID into her pocket at the left side of her purple candy-striped shirt. ‘I’m a doctor. I was suppose to operate on a big shot’s wife today but it went a little haywire today in the theatre, so I need to wait till she passed the critical stage.’ And I took a long sip off the jello packet. She nodded and took another sip. ‘Aren’t you supposed to be waiting in the hospital until you get a call or something?’ ‘Well, they haven’t called me yet so I think I can use the air outside the medical centre.’

And I stood up and walked by the bars of the garden. She joined me and asked, ‘How long is your trip?’ ‘Maybe a week or two. If her condition persisted, I may need to stay for months. Well, Japan is my second home anyway so I should be fine.’ As I finished my jello, my Xperia rang. ‘Excuse me,’ I looked into the caller ID and found that it was from a house number, not that I’ve known nor recognize. With anxiety, I answered the phone. ‘Binn, its Suane here. Can you come over to my place now? I really need your help!’ her voice was trembling. Almost the same tone as she was in the plane. ‘Uhm, Miss Lewis,’ ‘Jeraldine, please,’ ‘Okay, anything. Well, it is really great to know you tonight. But someone needs my help right now. If we have any chance to meet again, till next time okay?’ ‘Call me or email me if you need any help either. Take care.’ As I bade her good bye, I sped all my life towards the nearest cab station. She was in the same hotel as I do, but which room? Never mind that, first get to the hotel.

Thats the jiff of it... So, comments again thx loads and wait for the next zen~

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