Thursday, December 18, 2008

Of Clutches, Breaks and Accelerators

The accelerator was the scariest pad on the car.. seriously... especiallly for manuals.. whoa no joke! Yea, i went for the amali and all bla bla bla.... The fun part was the driving part, although for our group, the stupid muniandy guy left us high and dry for 45 freakin' minutes for his lunch. Ok fine, I was the 1st person to volunteer everything. From the basics which includes the driver seating, then the mirrors, then seat belt, free gears, hand breaks, starting the engine, signals, lights, and the wiper.. not to forget the honk! That was easy as pie... the real deal was the driving part! Seriously, the 1st person who step into the driver's seat unexperienced was freaking scary!!! I mean i was stepping and releasing the acclerator every single split second because of the looseness of the pad itself!!! I freaked out! Ok the starting was, the steering was steered to the right. SO the instructor said, 'kanan kanan' I was panicking, then steered the car towards the right, releasing my clutch. Before I noticed, I almost banged into the tiang! I was doing the "OMG" face from the cart while Yuet and Ann Nee was laughing their ass off looking at me from outside. I pressed the clutch as full force and sighed, said"lucky~" The instructor was like, "Lucky? You call banging into a tiang lucky arh? Steer properly to the lefT!" And ijust did what ever he said. I just realised the way of driving the manual and auoto is totally different. The manuals can actrually move WITHOUT accelerators! Nvm, it is hard to describe the whole awkward situation here, you just have to see how I reacted throughout the drive. In the end, I was nominated as the "FUnniest DRiver of the DAy" by the two sweet girls in our group, consisting of seven fellas, including yuet, ann nee, two other guys and two other girls and also, ME. Its ok, FIrst perosn and first time laying my legs on the pads, I think i was ok for not banging right into anything... Hope I can do better in the future 16 hours lar~~~ Please buddha, give me the strength, skill and will~~~ Body, don't betray and disappoint me~~~~

Ok, now khye theng think that thinking about this is useless and nonsense though I can't stop thinking about it, as people constantly seek for my answers for this topic. Yes, boy and girl relationship. SPM is over now and everybody is kinda in the lovey dovey mode... I have no idea why people actually bother to ask me for guidance, especiallt when I am the on,ly person who had never have any experienced in this specific field of "love" thingy ... jingy...
The worse part is, every single time people ask me about it, the answers naturally pops out from my mind for them, but never for myself. I really hate getting pined in the middle of this dilema.. It would be easier for me to not think about it at all, but taking all the factors around.... It jus jolt it all the time. Again, to X... Gosh X is getting colder by the second.... Messages were literally replied only ONCE, and hangs there forever... Forget about X, seriously I'm trying.. I have no idea why am I so paranoid... I wished I had been more decisive in these matters... X, you cloud into my life too much.. It's kind of hard to wipe you off screen just like that... Gargh!!!! Somebody help me!!!!

Wonder if this was the reason something grew on my head... I'm going for an operation soon~~~~ Yes no joke the bob o my head stopped growing, yet i still need to remove the freaking scab on my head.. Although the hair grew back, just for safety precautions I guess wakaka..... No worries there I guess... Anyways.. just wish me luck lar... I feel like my body is getting old by the day now... Guess I should do more squashing...... Anyways.. I think i am having the ideas for Zen now... wait for the next post of the story if you liiked it~~~~

Signing Off,

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