Monday, December 1, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen1

I know my language suck but just wanted to drop a bomb shell in my blog hahaha... Hope i do not bore you people.... Anyway... I'm the one suppose to be entertained(syok sendiri~)

The bustling air in the air-conditioned dome was quite disturbing. I maneuvered the trolley towards the registration counter for my ticket. “The flight to Narita Airport, Japan is taking off soon. Passengers please be at gate 12 in 45 minutes time. Thank you,’ Oh, that’s my queue. My increased my velocity towards the registration counter. The ticket was imprinted with the details of the flight to Narita. I checked my pockets. Thank goodness my Xperia was still with me. My wallet was still intact too. Can’t be too careless nowadays. I checked my camera album in the Xperia. The picture taken 10 years ago not only saved in the memory card but also engraved fresh in my heart. How I wished I had told him what I felt back then. Everything would be different by now. I slowly motioned towards gate 12, where the other passengers hustled around the man-made corridor leading to towards the aircraft. Boeing 747, I presumed. I presented my ticket and marched in with my luggage into the cylindrical magalunium structure and headed towards my sit. The people were really interesting though. It has been 3 years since I went to Japan and also been in an aircraft. My business class ticket was really meant for employees in the business field. Almost 98% of them were holding PDA’s and laptops in their hands. The others were families going for holidays or just lonely travelers, and I was one of them. I stepped to my sit, G91, a window sit finally. I excused myself the lady around the her 20’s into my seat. Comfortably I sat down after I stuffed my luggage into the upper compartment of the seat. I took out my Xperia and checked the schedule. I should be in the theatre by next morning 10 sharp. This unlucky woman really needed my help though I can’t say that I really wanted leave my other babies in Malaysia for Mrs. Nakagawa’s case. “Attention please. The flight heading towards Narita Airport, Japan is taking off in 30 minutes time. Passengers please switch off all telecommunication and electronic devices to prevent interruption to the aircraft’s system.” I pushed the “off” button and waited shortly. “Good evening passengers. I’m the captain of today’s flight Sein Carlos Lscent, may you have a pleasant flight. I lifted my head.

I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard? Sein Carlos Lscent? It have got to be the same one I’ve known since ten years ago. There aren’t many Lscent who wants to be a pilot who stays in Malaysia. The lady sitting beside also shut her book hard. She glared at me, with her determined eyes and confident lips.Before I knew it, she spoke, “Young Binn Trelance? Class 4 Ginzakura 2007 and class 5 Kinsakura 2008?” I was shocked. How’d she knew which high school I’ve been? I gave a really hard stare on her face and finally realized, “Suane Tissle Teafle? The counseller Madam Lee’s daughter?” I couldn’t believe it. Amazingly after ten years we manage to bump into each other on the plane. “I bet you have your stethoscope in your pocket, right?” She said as if she have been stalking me. “Yeah, how’d you know I became a doctor? You haven’t been sneaking around me for ten whole years have you?” She giggled and replied, “I knew you wanted to be a doctor and I knew you would be one. You have all the traits since I know you,” I nodded and thank her. “Did you realize the captain’s name?” I asked. “Sein Carlos Lscent? Yes, he was our classmate back in high school right? I wonder how is he now…” “ Didn’t you stay in contact? I mean weren’t both of you kinda sorta together or something?” “I told you, I didn’t want to start the relationship. And in the end he didn’t give in and we lose contact,” I nodded and excused myself to the toilet. I walked to the cabin and waited quite a moment. When the person came out from the cube, I saw his badge on the left pocket, shining in gold and engraved with the letters “C-A-P-T-A-I-N”. I examined it for a few seconds before he asked, “If you don’t mind, I would be back to the cockpit, gentleman.” “Owh, sorry I was kinda checking you out,” Oops, checking you out? What am I some sex maniac? “He stared at him with the ‘what-on-earth face and then rested his right arm on my left shoulder, “Young, its you right? I recognize that tone of yours! It’s me! Sein Carlos!” he said. I smiled, “ I though you have forgotten how I’ve looked like. Lucky for you I still remember your funny face, hahaha,” We laughed for while and talked about our lives after high school. He persued piloting and became a full-fledge pilot. I has also finished my medical studies and became the life bringer in the pit houses. “Really? Well my future wife ought to consult you in the future!” Sein reacted. “Didn’t you get married these ten years?” “I’m only in my 20’s and I think getting a stable income is essential for me to start a family. Pus, I would have invited you to my wedding!” he gave a laugh after his statement. Wow, he didn’t get married after ten years. “Why are you flying to Japan?” I answered, “There is a lady in Chiba which needs my proficiency to recover her health. So the hospital decided to send me as the main doctor and Malaysia’s representative for an international medical conference in Tokyo. By the way, the girl you had a crush during high school is on board too,” I said with a naughty tone. He gave me frown. "Anyways, wanna join me for dinner in Kindori for dinner?My treat," asked him. Weird for a guy to ask a guy though, but i accepted and asked him to call me upon arrival in Narita Airport. He slowly glided towards the cockpit. His back was really strong and dependable...Wonder if i had that kinda shoulder?

By the time I sat down, Suane asked about my trip to Japan, I explained like how I did to Sein and asked about hers. "Well, I'm an accountant now, like how I pursue it ten years ago. I have stablised a firm in Malaysia, if you need any help or reference in the future, give me a call," as she handed out a name card. Suane Tissle Tiffle, Director, Calculus Acc Sdn. Bhd. Whoa, I had never imagined her to own a firm all by herself, not before she get married. "So, hows you boyfriend? I asked." In astonishment she replied," How did you figure? Owh well guess you didn't see any ring on my hand huh? Well, lets just say I wish to focus on my career before I start my family hehe..." I heard that some where else, just now out side the cabin. But i kept quiet and replied ,"Well that is really new style of you. Women now adays are very ambitious and that is simply amazing," She gave me a funny look and loosen up, "Binn, i think you should stop doing that.. I'm more comfortable talking to you as a friend... No need the formalities," I sat up straight. Take a long breathe. And replied,"Can't agree more.. I guess my middle name is much more easier to call eh?" "Yeah, dust bin and long beans and Mr Bean.. Owh all sorts of funny names we've got for you last time," giggled Suane. The whole journey was full of laughter.She was going to Chiba too to meet a client to establish a contract fr her company's service. She has got to be good to have a Japanese company as her client. And the company was GenkiDenki!!!! The second largest electronic chain around the globe after Sony! We discussed about our path of life, our daily lives, hobbies and all the memories we have shared in high school. We were never out of topic. Until when Suane got tired and fell asleep. I stared at her hard. What would have happened if both of them were together? Will they be what they are now? Questions circled aorund my thought and I couldn't sleep, even when i took sleeping pills. She has great feautures. Great smile, fine confident lips, strong, charming eyes, long slender hair, great smile and she is the typical devil's body and angel's look catergory girl. She was out batch's most "wanted" girl but she didn't give in to anyone of them who were trying to impress her or ask her out. Instead she stucked with me, haha, I was such a girl magnet back then, not because of my looks, but my sensible side of approaching girls. But, something pulled me back. I thinked really hard. What was the factor? What was my problem? All the busy work after entering the medical school has blinded me from thinking about all lovery dovey for ten whole years. I looked at her while she was asleep. Such graceful face, she slept without any funny noise or sound. She was practically sleeping without any movement. I adjusted her blanket and went for a drink. The waitress at the cabin was shocked when I appeared for my latte. She fixed me a cup of it, and i strolled back to my seat. I saw a white figure standing beside Suane's sit. It was him, Sein. He knew she was on board. He knew she was sitting beside me. He is the captain anyway. After he stood for around 2 minutes, he walked back to the cockpit. I watched him, without saying anything I went back to my sit, sipping up my hot, creamy latte.

The whole place shooked hard. My latte was spilled all over her blanket and she woke up out of the horrific atmosphere. "Oh my goodness, faster get the blanket away!" I grabbed her blanket. She pushed her long sideburn to the back of the pixie-looking ears, just a little more curvy and took a sheet of tissue and started wiping her skirt. I took more sheets until another shake occured. We were both confused. "Attention passengers. Please do not panic. The aircraft is having slight interference with the unexpected clouds in the air. Do not fear and we will be reaching Narita Airport in 30 minutes. For your safety, please buckle up your belts immediately. Thank you" The Japanese-native slanged English was noticable enough for me who have mastered the language for 7 years in Kyoto. We both buckled our belts and started to discuss about the incident. "You think the captain is capable enough to bring us to the airport safely?" she asked. "Don't worry, its Sein as the captain! His was one of the best students in Physics back in Hanabi High," I assured here. Wit a cold tone, "Yeah, and he had always ran away form complications. No matter what he do other than homeworks," "Well, this has everything to do with his homework! So, have confident in him ok?" I reassured her. She nodded and stiffen her body. She was really scared. Obviously, she has no one to depend on this trip all the more reason to panic. I held her hand and said, "Look, I'm right here ok? I will make sure you will be alright, ok? At least have confident in your reliable brother!" Yes, Madam Lee has always treated me as her son, like I have to take care of every single family member in school grounds. I can feel the shiver and shake form the hands and I grapsed her hard. Sein Carlos Lscent, if I had the chance I will punch you right in your face for doing this...

Alrighty, I guess I've typed alot for today, i should let ideas jolt my mind for whats gonna happen to Young and Suane, thanks for reading if you have reached here. Hope i do not bore you... If you are bored, feel free to comment or leave, im an amateur anways...

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