Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cash in Cash out

Wakakakakaak !!! People, this download freak you are reading now has finally got his own external hard disk!!!! Was it 160 250 or 320? nope ITs 1000 GB!!!! which is = to 1 TERRABYTE!!!! Whoalalalla!!!!! I can download what ever heck kinda sized of videos in my pc wihout selecting and crying and having headache of deleting which files now!!! hahahaha so super happy~~~` As May Zhen says... JUBILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok terrabyte was rm 376 including 2 % taxes, then i got myself a radio, really sleek look and suite my style alot... posting a picture later... and that was all!!! 4hours of scrounging around, and i've got only 2 items, why> no budget!!! I wanted to get myself a rm220 mp5, but i m getting a new laptop after chinese new year ne ways so might as well~~~~

Okie dokie~ Photo time~~~~

Christmas Season in KLCC

My new acoustic-themed sleek style radio

Sonata~ nice brand

I wanted one of those~~~~

The hectic atmosphere in the convention centre

Spent Rm500++ total for myself~ so hope i can get myself a new laptop by march before my semester starts~ Wish me luck peeps!!!

PS: Sorry about Of Os Bs and ABs late posts... will try to get my ideas jolted now...

Signing Off,

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