Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buffetting : Wrong vibes

The faculty these days require an extra spice.(not that the recurrent theft cases have not done a fabulous job on that)

By spice I meant, like lovey dovey spices.

Lady Boss finally made it official with Sea, which is really about time.

However, when a new couple buds, the people around; especially the ones who used to hang out with them will probably feel the effect most.

Even if the couples weren't really doing much of PDA or what not, us being reserved as Asians probably would just back off to give them some space.

Before Lady Boss made it official, it was always the dynamic trio of me, Lady Boss and Ice Queen around; for we would go for lunch and all together.

Now, its just me and Ice Queen. Not to say that we don't have other Vet souls around to mingle with because we do; its just that most of the time before, we were the ones to hang out because of our long time of contact in the practicals.

Well, being just me and Ice Queen; and our interaction over the social media and meet ups, people begin to pull red strings for the both of us. Polar Bear probably thought the both of us really had something going on.

We probably have chemistry, but in the really close friend kind of way. We know our romantic preferences and heck we are definitely not for each other in any romantic ways. Plus, Ice Queen's one of the first ones to know about T, she'd probably be turned off by me.

But its comfortable to have Ice Queen around and just talk, about almost anything and everything. At least for me. It's not easy to get someone to talk like that. As of the conditions these days, its even worse.

The guys are probably no longer available for there's only 4 single blokes left; the others are taken.
Same goes to the girls.
What's making the whole picture even more complex is the rotation in year 4, everyone seemed to be just not together anymore; simply because the time for rotation takes up so much of their lives.

I don't blame them or anything. But I can slowly feel a certain degree of letting go by my side for now. They are probably too sedated by tests and academics to notice; while I'm still available to post here every fortnight or so. On the other hand, I'm slowly assimilating into my current academic batch in their outings and fun stuffs; apart from just academics.

Life is complex. Relationships are even more.

I'm just grateful that we can still talk about stuffs even after a long time. Just like Best bud, I think.

Side note: T is now back in my newsfeed; but I'm pretty sure I'm not in T's. I would say I'm slowing getting over T, but there are still shades of our memories. And there are still questions on why did T suggest the break up back then.

Yet, in split seconds I would say its meaningless. Because romance right now, is meaningless to me.


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    1. Lol. Nerd look hahaha. You would be baffled if you were to see other pictures! *in the bad way*