Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buffeting : Naughty boy

Did I mention I'm like this pet for a particular lecturer in my pharmacology course?

It happened on the first day of lecture because I was able to answer most of her questions on basic pharmacology, thanks to my Form 6 days. Thanks to that phenomenon, she makes it a point to ask me all the first questions she have in the lecture ; every single lecture.

Thanks to that, I too make a point to read up her notes before her lecture begins; and I managed to practice that for other courses too.

So yesterday we had lecture on prescription writing. She wanted us to present our definitions on prescription. Here's mine:

The details of a drug including its active ingredient, dosage, administration route, frequency and duration which is given to the patient specifically to alleviate an indication by a veterinarian.

What the lecturer had in mind was:

The instruction given to the pharmacist by a veterinarian to prepare a drug for use in the patient for the client.

I forgot.

Our patients can't comprehend prescriptions. Our clients can.

For that, the lecturer gave a comment of "Patient? Naughty boy... how can your patient read this?" while the whole class burst into laughter; including me.

Naughty boy? Well, it has been a long time. Pun both intended and not.

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