Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buffetting : Japalore, again

Well, I guess getting into vet school has really opened up my options so much more than I thought it would; and definitely more than medicine school could have if I were to continue my studies in Monash.

This time round, the Japanse Vet Students Association has managed to come up with a regional summit for veterinary students, namely Vet Youth Summit Japan 2015.

The main topics which will be covered in the summit are:
1- Infectious Diseases
2- Animal Welfare
3- Wildlife Conservation

3 topics which are extremely important even in Malaysia's context, for they are all developing and require attention for the betterment of the country.
probably be using this line a lot!

I've booked my plane tickets, spending about 9 days, in Osaka and Kyoto intermittently.

The bookings for accommodations, however is a little tricky as I will be travelling between areas and places a lot between the 9 days due to the location of the conference, as well as the period which I will be spending there.

I'm in the verge of getting nuts, both because of the ecstasy as well as my workload for test 2 in the faculty.

Yet, this should be a good trip!

Hello Japan!


  1. WOOHOO!!! So happy for you, man! Don't forget to take some time off (if you manage) to explore those cities in Japan. Snap lots of pics to share, kay? *wink wink :)

    1. Like definitely taking loads of pictures lo!!!!!! And wink for what ar?? You should have divorced enough there on your own lololol

  2. why is everyone going to my favorite place of all time - Japan?! :(

    1. LOL! It has been my first love since FOREVER!!!!


      Want air flown gunpla? House address please. Hahahahahah

      Just joking, probably should stop doing the house addressing luring thing. It's getting creepier by my standard lol

    2. LOL. maybe in 20 years time there will be a real scale gunpla in Japan. Since they are about to develop.

      want to stalk me ah? hahaha

    3. Lol! Real scale in 20 years, don't know got energy to take airplane a not hahahaha

      Never wanted to lo. If I wanna stalk you I need to relief from school for a year with my current schedule.