Sunday, November 16, 2014

Buffetting : Luck out

The week has been hectically lucked out for me.

Especially in financial terms.
it took me really long to decide to use this birthday gift. really long.

Gonna have to tighten up my wallet next week, and make sure nothing loses itself again.

However, booked another ticket to Japan; this time for Yamaguchi and Tokyo for my lab rotation.

30days in Japan, are you ready?


  1. 30 days in Japan.
    win liao lo.
    I refuse to talk to you liao lo.
    ok lo.

    1. Pffttttt. You will get your day la okay.

      One day who knows get a Japanese lover and get to fly there all the time

  2. wah 30 days is niceee...can eat sushi and go to onsen to your hearts content...if your time is ngam can watch the sakura tree bloomingXD

    1. Lol. 30 days for all sushi and onsen will make me broke!

      I'm there during summer, so maybe sunflowers instead!