Saturday, November 1, 2014

Buffetting : Terminal 5

Today was e day which most UPM graduates of 2014 rejoice because of their official end of term in the university.

I somehow volunteered to help out a lecturer in being one of the usherers of our faculty for the sponsors for the faculty prizes, in return the lecturer promised us internship opportunities as well as future subject bonus marks.

In the midst of all that, I too managed to see few of our seniors name on the faculty prizes' boards, wondering if I could one day have my name there.

The thing is, I don't think I can go study like a crazy maniac to score top score for all the subjects in the course.

I find that, extremely tiring.

And the fact that I'm stretching the course over 6 years, mask me wonder if I would be eligible for any prizes at all.

Should I be bothered to aim for the prizes, or should I probably just study on my own pace, and get what's the best that come?

I should do the latter, for my life would suck less.

Plus, prizes ain't probably everything we need to look at right?

On the side note, if you readers managed to read about the death of a UMS graduate killer by her own brother, she was someone I knew. She was also my successor for the Buddhist fellowship president in my pre university high school.

Monkey and Chimp(another monkey) managed to organize a smile lunch Dhana over SJBA for her to share some merits with her, hoping she would be in a better state from the death in the next life cycle.

I am glad I took the morning off for this, because submerging myself in the dharma allows me to be in control and mindful over my thoughts and speech.

I am too wasted today to study, but tomorrow for sure.

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