Friday, November 28, 2014

Buffetting : Doing more

During the clinical conference this evening, I somehow ended up sitting beside Miss N.

We are usually professionally associated, talking about academics most of the time because we have differences; but I guess my simple gesture of handing her a packet of pills for cold broke the ice barrier.

So we were talking about various issues; until Miss N startled me a little on her comment.

"I feel like people like you who have the brains should go further more and contribute to the veterinary profession more than just being in sales; or just a small animal practitioner."

I wasn't expecting that from her, because well she is pretty well-known for the good grades; 4.0 for every semester if I weren't wrong.

And silly little me who hardly get any 4.0 in my life before*cross fingers for this semester* being acknowledged by the comment simply was, dumbfounded.

Maybe a little over the top for that comment; but I guess she feels like I can do more for the veterinary community than just pharmaceutical sales.

I'm still in the midst of deciding.

I definitely wish to complete a PhD to end my academic pathway with a great full stop; as my life accomplishment as well as a pride for my family(though I'm sure the Dr title does well for that)

But there are so much more to offer out there; and I sometimes do feel like being a materialistic person.

Yet, some voice in there screams *be yourself, because you will shine better that way*

So I guess Miss N did a great job for a pep talk session.


  1. Yes, be yourself. You know best what you want in life and I'm sure you will shine no matter what path you decide. Woohoo! Sudah kaya dan terkenal, jangan lupa kawan, sudah. LOL :p

    1. Lol. Why does everyone keep telling me that. It's not like I'm definitely gonna be kaya and terkenal for sure ZZZ

    2. Because everyone believe in you ma. They believe that one day, you will be on your path to success and wealth. So don't ever doubt yourself. Even though the proud lion put up ego and shine in the crowd but when he's alone, he would feel otherwise, will have moments of lost, moments of doubt... but don't you think so much. Have faith! Believe in yourself. Just do your best! Ush!

    3. Lol. I feel a lot of pressure there.

      Of course I do enjoy spotlights and living up to people's expectations; its like everyone will channel their expectations on me which serves me as an invisible pressure.

      Nevertheless, I still do enjoy the attention I get. It's like this love-hate relationship ahahhaa.

      I will work hard for sure, and be on top of my game at all point. And I wouldn't just forget those who helped me before lo. Because I believe in cherishing founts.

      But people who ticked me off and tetiba come jadi my best buddy out of the blues; I will send them to hell lol.