Monday, November 24, 2014

Buffetting : Be Vigilant

About everything you do pretty much.

Today I had my probably worst paper of the semester.

Not because I coudn't answer it, more like the after effects from the studying.

Usually I'm pretty much well prepared for the tests; or so I believe.

But today's was absolutely different to the point that on the previous night I'm still stressing over the facts that I may not yet gotten right.

The other fact which makes the whole paper lot harder is because it's a Pharmacology paper, for which there are 7 systems of drugs I need to know from Gastrous, Cardiac, Urinary, Respiratory, Cerntral Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, as well as the Ocular system.

The lecturer mentioned that we need not know the drug names, for which he will be providing the group names and only require us to explain the function.

Heck no, the test turn out otherwise.

Everyone else was wondering why did I spend so much effort memorizing the names of the drugs.

Well now they do.

Deceived by the lecturer, yes. But we should be vigilant at all times. Some lecturers are meant to be guarded of, especially this one.

Well, I would say I did well for the test, being the first one to leave and all. And I deserve my break tonight because of the migraine the whole study process gave me.

This Friday, virology. Pathogenesis, clinical signs and morphological here we go.


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    1. Thanks man! Really hoping to get a 4.0 this time round!