Friday, November 21, 2014

Buffetting : Foreplan

Sorry, the last alphabet probably caught you off guard.

Being in the vet program of my university speaks of planning ahead; way ahead compared to other courses; that I'm pretty sure.

Placements for practical training ain't as abundant as they used to, because of the increasing number of students; not to mention dates, deadlines and cheap air tickets to be bought before they all come haunting you last minute.

In my academic year 4, we need to complete 2 courses of extra mural placements, namely:

Extra mural clinical rotation
Extra mural laboratory placement

In the clinical rotation, we are required to complete rotations of ruminant medicine, equine medicine, small animal medicine and an elective medicine; all which require supervision of a certified veterinarian.

For ruminant and electives; I've decided to go for Mahidol University in June-July 2015 for a 4 week exchange program; since their agriculture is still far ahead from ours, while their climate differ much less compared to the European countries as well.

For equine and small animal medicine; I've decided to still retain in local veterinarian vicinity since I'm afraid that I might not be able to appreciate the beauty of the medicine before I enter surgery class. Plus, I'd figure the local scene will be much suffice to sustain our industry right now; maybe I'll consider European countries later on.

In laboratory placement, we are required to complete 3 weeks of any lab placements. I've chosen Yamaguchi University in August-September 2015 for the public health lab placement; simply because I've been dying to go to Japan, while their laboratory facilities are probably worth the money to explore. Plus, my vet student counterpart from IVSA in Japan managed to lodge me a volunteer accommodation for I need not pay for 3 weeks, why not nab that opportunity?

Planning ahead is really important for these placements; or you will really get a migraine as the dates come closer. Even if you are only thinking of going local, places are still limited.

Thanks to the vet school, I've managed to slash off Japan and Thailand off my travel list! Maybe a 10 weeks placement in an European country in my 5th year since I've no more placements by then.

Now, to focus on more drugs effect of pharmacology!!!!

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