Monday, March 31, 2014

Buffetting : Prepared?

T went for a camp for 5 days, no signals, no connection.

I did my daily ritual in sending in goodnight wishes, even just now; just to be the nice boyfriend and all.

I wonder if T is ready and thrilled for me to go over in a week's time.

I'm thrilled, to learn so much more about the elephants in the practical, and T as well.

We only have 2 and a half days, I'm not even sure if T still remembers that I'm coming going over.

Were there plans? What are we going to do in Songkran? Will we crash into the dorm of T's in all soaked and laughing about crazy stuffs we did?

Really I have no idea.

I guess being in a relationship is something still very novel to me. I would know how to react with a Malaysian lover, but T is definitely a challenge.

I am a planner, logic person. I need to know how to react; although I'm very good in impromptu, a different cultural background will definitely cost me some brain juices.

And there's another stuff ringing behind my head about the big S thing. After my sister's fiasco it feels like I'm pretty docile to dabble around there now; yet we only meet once in a blue moon, should we not take advantage of that?

Wait, we are just starting? Hmm, I don't know.

Its a very subtle line to string. We do talk about our graduations and our participation in each others' day; but I don't feel like planning ahead of our "future" like all other couples do anymore.

It's tiring, and T doesn't really respond well to this.

I should totally let T take the lead this time, let the proud Leo be tame for this once. Maybe I can go wild when T comes over in the future.

Can't wait to meet T again. The voice, the breathe, the smile; its definitely worth the trip.

On the side note:

Monkey and I paid a visit to 100 Doraemon's Expo last weekend. It was okay, I totally made a wise choice getting him because we had our common interest in this sense. Catching up was really fun, although he barely change. 

He's next in line to Best bud, to some extent some even asked if he's my significant other. Lol. We are close buds, but not that kind of sense.


  1. Hopefully T will surprise you

    1. Hopefully, in all ways. Gosh the anxiety is eating me inside

    2. i myself felt anxious reading this post....