Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buffetting : Close Friends

Did you realize that in the social network there's this button on the "friend" part for you to select friends as "Close friends" instead but just "Acquaintance"?

Back when I first came back to vetschool, I kind of selected a few as them; and that includes the 2nd chances, both of them.

I feel like, there's this part of their lives which I wish to follow more on; given the time that I am able to spend with them.

It feels like my time to spend with the people I love most right now is being limited, but the consequences of my own family.

Great, now another rant episode. This is why I can never move on, because the effect of that fiasco is just long-lasting. At least till vet school ends.

Anyhow, its like T all over again; I don't get to spend enough time with them.

So and so, till today I'd realized those follows as "Close friends" seemed to be, meaningless to me right now. After the 2nd chances got back together, I somehow don't bother to follow them anymore; not even as close friends. It might just be my subconscious working, know that both of them have each other that I no longer need to bother if they would need someone to get them something, get them to lunch, get them this or that, etc; they would settle it themselves.

The 'Close friend' button now on the social media would be, meaningless right now, no?

There are a few more in the list, I am tempting to unclick them; simply because it doesn't mean anything anymore right now.

Why would the social media create such button at the first place anyway? It's taking toll on my conscious right now. *bang wall*
you know you are a friend close enough, when his mom thinks you are another son, and when underwear hangs around even closer than your own brother. PS: Remember this soul-searching trip best bud?

Best bud is in the list, but he seldom post stuffs on the social media anyways. Catching up is being done in other medium.

I understand that the original batch is still willing to spend quality time with me without qualms, but at these times somehow I just feel like, it is only matter of time till the lecture hours do us apart.

Attached, much?

PS: Anatomy test tomorrow gosh, please save my meninges!

PPS: Things have been mundane with T. I guess we are both busy with our lives right now; till we crash in April.

PPPS: I feel like my roommate is being a little weird, trying to post stuffs on his blog, but trying even harder to tell the world he is doing it. Geez, posting in blogs seemed to be like a competition in our room.

Nevertheless, I'm definitely beyond that level to think its a competition. *pat chest*


  1. wait whaaatt??? which part of this is bragging? LOL

    anyway, people come and go, experienced it myself especially once they are attached. I don't remember the last time I met my close friend from high school ever since he found his gf. Ah well

  2. What? That's really bad! Like close friend is like friends you really stay close even after high school right? Hmm, I would have sworn to a brotherhood with them lol.

    People DO come and go, but I usually pick with a few to stick around with me for life XD

  3. Thought blogging is going the way of the Nokia 3310

    1. With tweets and instagram, soon! But oh well, blogging is really some kind of passion these days to keep on. Some do it for fame and money though.