Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buffetting : Marriage

I've finally gotten my first invitation to my friend's wedding in my life!!!

She was my high school friend, although we were only classmates for 3 years, not that close of a friend, at least not like me and Best Bud; she'd actually remembered me.

To my surprise, she'd actually invited me for her wedding; to which I was flattered and honored because I wasn't expecting this at all, both the marriage AND the invitation.

To be honest, I was just thinking about "if anyone would invite me to their wedding, seeing how my records have reflected me" in the car about a few days ago, and walah.

Bad news is, I will be away on the wedding day, because its on mid April, and I will be half way enjoying my time in Chiang Mai with T.

Yet, I've accepted the invitation and she actually did offer me, so I've decided to send a wedding gift regardless. On the side note, she actually asked if I need any introduction to any girls, seeing I became "better-looking" from before, but still claiming to be "girl friend-less". Same ol answer.

Marriage, sometimes I wish I could dream about it, see it happen. But its just something so far to be achieved. T and I, honestly now really just depend on our trust for each other , and the faith in this relationship.

At least I'm trying.

I was sulking a little on how T didn't text for the past few days, like how busy can you get even in a bovine restrain course right? You've just finished your finals!

But Lady Boss feels that T may put in more faith than I think in this relationship, being the reason of the hanging texts all the time. Meaning, T trust me so much more than I trust myself or T.

Really? Hmm, guess I'm always the insecure one?

I did have history on being insecure when we first started out, because I thought T was too good for me, sometimes even till now.

Another 4 and a half weeks and still counting. Gosh I really have no idea what to expect. Its really, exciting yet stressful


  1. hahahaah it's not really bout trust la. U just miss him, I can understand that and like u said, we all have 24hours per day. It definitely won't hurt to just spend like 10 minutes just for a small chat or something =)

    U be fine, I'm sure. Hang on k XD

  2. I will try my best. 10 minutes seemed so hard to get from T's schedules these days. I've learned to not be the active one these days. If its a relationship it should be both ways.I guess I miss T a lot, with all that T have done before and all.

    Hanging on really hard. And wipe T's face off my head during the exam period!

    1. HAHAHHAHAHHA come come, I help u to wipe it. Me teman u during ur exam though I scare i end up bothering u study more =P hahaha

    2. High chance LOLOL. It's okay, just leave me until the test is over I can focus better that way

  3. I think its not insecurity, you just miss your lover. That is sweet! :)

    1. I guess so? Haha over doing it prolly makes it sound desperate