Sunday, March 2, 2014

Buffetting : Happening

So I have been told my the roommate that I'm pretty happening.

Well, somehow I still do make my life interesting, whether I like it or not.

The Equestrian club managed to hold a course on stable management, ranging from various aspects of the stable management.

We were lucky to have the course without any fees because we had an experienced coach from the Malaysian Equestrian Association to guide us in dealing with the horses.

"Horses are 99.9% danger."

As a matter of fact they are.

Half a tonne of weight is definitely no joke.

It's a privilege to have schooled horses in our university's stable, since untrained horses are definitely NOT EASY to handle for beginners like me.

The course included:

1- How to approach a horse, how to put on the head collar. lead the horse to walk, simple commands and restraining the horse in the stable
2- Grooming the horse, saddling the horse and booting the horse
3- Mark out the stable aka cleaning the stable
4- Wash the horse with water
5- Basics in dealing with horses, in and out stable.

It's definitely simple, but the information was immense. This course has definitely sparked some interest in me to get involved in our equine unit more in the semester.

Plus, working with horses gives me a great workout as I'm all sore now. Heck, I might even be as handsome as the horses in the stable.

A cowboy looking vet for the bear in Chiang Mai, I wonder what 5 weeks can do to me


  1. Haha working with them is definitely like a full body workout, what with the cleaning of stables, bathing the horse and feeding them. Kinda like a car hrmm. =P

    1. NOW that you've mentioned it! but it was worse than just a car. It was like a truck or something. BUT, the difference is you can really feel the bonding with them. After the bath and the mucking out, the horse just seemed to have more affection towards you!