Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buffetting : Love Aches


It's like you just can't seemed to go between any fine line of balance.

For a person who has been logical and done things in-programmed, this is a very subtle matter to dabble around.

I feel like bursting, but my logical side gets me composed.

3 days, until I've posted something and T buzzed me in the app.

It's really frustrating, because the initiative isn't there.

Soulchild's post on just love didn't help me much.

I can do most of the things stated, but really, initiative.
the four letter word is not as simple as it spells.

Or I should just let it go*sing hard*

Lady boss and I talked over lunch, and we have come to conclusion that, T is a straight bloke, like really,

Similarly to anyone out there who puts in effort before the relationship is established, but everything just tone-out right after.

It's not like T is cheating on me or anything, or nor T has less affection; its more like, a natural thing to do, knowing the relationship is so to speak, "stable".

"If T is actually expecting you to be in Chiang Mai, and is willing to stay for you; its not what you are thinking. So just stay put and wait till you see T there again"- Lady Boss.

I guess I should. I shouldn't be imposing much on T.

Man, its like every post seemed to be a repeating episode. This sucks.

On the side note, Vet Dinner 2014 is back, a post will be dedicated there after.

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