Friday, March 14, 2014

Buffetting : Vet Dinner 2014

Poker dots, Huge Fans, Rotary Dial telephones and neons.

Ring any bells? It's the Retro 80s this year for the faculty's annual dinner to commemorate the DVM5s who will be graduating in 10 weeks' time.

Finally, being a participant level of an event finally turned to my side. It feels odd not to be able to be the bustling and hustling part of an event, but I still do enjoy the bits when I get to spend more time appreciating the designs, the food, and the time with my friends.

Although I would have attended anyway to show support for my current academic batch(DVM2) while I'm technically DVM3, being the Dogathon Co-director in 2013 has made it a cordial invitation for me to be in the dinner for the certificate reception.

The whole ambient was totally awesome this year, the backdrop was well decorated; despite the fact that the fans kept falling off throughout the night. but it was a great turnout.

Performance wise, the opening act was really good; I forgot the songs but the moves were awesome. The only regret was for I to have not recorded the opening act.

It was practically a medley of a few songs and few dance, like YMCA, Beat it, Don't Touch Me( I wonder if I got this right); but we thoroughly enjoyed the act.
the batch graduating

The later of the night was filled with more performances and speeches, same ol every year to be honest. The real difference every year is the theme as well as the batches leaving.

As soon as the night ends, everyone just end up taking pictures for memories and the hunt for likes and comment. ~ Ice Queen, March 2014.

I chose a fancy tie and a piano-striped suspender for the night just for it to be a lil more retro-spiced. It turned out to be quite okay, though I have to mention I was extremely paranoid about my look for the night.

YET, I will still need to lose those spare tyres.
the DVM1s were FEARLESS with their outfits

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the night, especially on how the organizing batch DVM2, my academic batch handled the whole event.

It could have been smoother, but I have never felt anymore welcomed before into their batch until today, because I have always find myself not as attached to them emotionally.

This was my personal favorite though, hahaha

Next up, Vet Sport 2014!


  1. You mcm robert downey jr and chris hemsworth?? >:P

    1. Saya harap dan mimpikan saat-saat ituuuu