Monday, March 24, 2014

Buffetting : Downer

It has been a crazy weekend.

More like a crazy Sunday.

2 hours before I stepped into the field in the stadium for the cheerleading stunt, I got a message from my sister.

Apparently I will be an uncle soon.

It was something really shocking, even for me; though my siblings thought I handled the whole situation much unexpectedly calm, for me being the drama queen and all.

Flash wedding, expected labor date in late June, tsunami in the home; I'm just glad everything didn't go on berserk mode when I went back home yesterday.

On the other hand, T has been sending me ambiguous messages and unanswered messages as well.

That morning when I got the news from my sis, I dropped T a message:

"If you have 5 minutes to post a photo, you have 5 minutes to just explain to me what is going on,"
the picture that ticked me off

More sorry messages came in, I'd swear I was going to breakdown on some point, thinking that its THE SIGN.

Especially when this dropped in:

"I'm sorry. I have something a message for you in summer."

It seemed to be the ultimate sign to me.

But towards the end of the day, it turned out to be just my misunderstand.

I should have changed the English into Thai mode.

"I cannot talk to you." in English mean so different in Thai; which means "I am unable to talk to you."

T is busy with a camp, so T felt bad for not being able to spend time with me.

I'm perfectly fine with that; though a simple goodnight everyday would suffice.

So two dramas ended well in one night; no blood spilled or no hearts broken, maybe just my mom because she felt she got betrayed by my sister a little.

I guess I have to be stronger, after all I'm the eldest son in the family.

PS: My lecturer actually whack me in my butt when I got fickle minded in answering the number of bacteria colonies in my agar plate. How kinky in that!


  1. yes you have to be strong....unfortunately.....will line you on something private later....

  2. Haha exactly. Took me a while to get you though!