Monday, March 17, 2014

Buffetting : Virgin

Today I was struck by a question from a fellow coursemate, international.

"Can I ask you a personal question? Are you still a virgin?"

The first thing hit me was, "Which part of me doesn't look like a virgin?"

What I was told is that I don't act like a virgin boy.

In fact I sometimes act too , un-virgin-like(so to speak), among the pool of dudes I'm around with my words ie:
escape room was fun, if we had just gotten the hint earlier.

"When I was putting on the gloves and I said it was tight, you were like: Oo, TIGHT; but I didn't mean anything AT ALL."

I guess mingling around with people who steer a little here and there with those dirty and flirtatious words kind of give off these vibes.

Oh well, it sure is something new. I DO enjoy comments of people have on me, their thoughts, impressions or what not because its like a counter-check mechanism.

There are always room for improvement.

On the side note, I've finally played a game for my year under the faculty sports event; though our year lost thoroughly. It's okay, its pretty much obvious that we are much of a brain drainer than the sporty batch.

BUT, we are going to take down everyone in the tug-o-war for sure!


  1. There is a way for virgins to act?!

    1. apparently! I'm not virgin enough to be virgin.

      Oh like I'm not straight enough to be straight.

      And I'm not gay enough to be gay.

      Gosh. I'm not enough to be anything lol.

  2. Err... so how should a virgin behave like? LOL

    1. Er.. Don't know leh. Maybe a little shyer on the dirty talk? LOLOLOL

    2. Do you realize your jersey number is 69? Hahahaha!!! You do know what does that mean right? :p

    3. I guess I'm not that virgin-acting after all LOL. Yes, that was intended hahahahhaa

  3. Lol, that's bull, I'm a virgin and I just laughed at the fact that the number on your jersey is 69 xD