Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Buffetting : Proud

T got back from a camp where many pre-vet students were involved.

The posts flooding T's social media profile shows how much T is being loved as a person, and how genuine T treat the people around.

The smile in the pictures, the wishes, how the younger students called T "Pii-t"(Pii is the pre-fix added to names when younger people call their older counterparts) in the posts; I have never felt so proud of another person before.

I never exactly feel as proud as my younger sis beat the others in her tournament and holding her cup; simply because I am never directly involved in her growth as a player.
even nature loves T as it is.

But somehow, knowing T is such a delightful person to be with makes me quite proud inside.

It strengthens my trust for T, knowing that spending a future and building it with T is truly, remarkable.

However, me on the other hand has a complexity issue; for I forever feel like I'm never good enough for T.

Super Low Self Esteem, much?


  1. yup, really low XD hahahahahaha

    u are as worthy of him as he is to u

    1. Don't know lah. He seemed to be so high up there*all hail T*