Thursday, February 20, 2014

Buffetting : Right Time

It really fascinates me on how T actually does this magically all the time.

T finds the right time, and the right occasion to drop by Line with the simplest words to make my day, and make me feel so much better and reassured on where our relationship is going.

And the funniest English which leaves me wondering until explanations are made. Haha.

I admit, sometimes I think, a lot.

Just on yesterday's post proves how much I think over a busy week.

What I'm hoping is, the horoscope really speaks what an Aquarius look at the relationships.

Serious, logical and long term.

At least that is what I'm looking at.

First week has been awesome. I can totally feel my gear on 5 roaring towards the end of the semester for a fruitful one.

To a great semester, and I wish April comes fast and slow at the same time.

Slow enough for me to lose my spare tyre

Quoted from Hottie "The people love you for who you are, not your looks. So chill out."

But I wanna present the best, mar.


  1. what's T's justification on 555?why not 333 or 222 or other number?@.@

    1. LOLOLOL~~~ Actually it mean "hahaha" because 5 is actually "ha" in Thai. So its an easier way to express compared to type hahaha repeatedly 55555