Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buffetting : As Per Told

So it came among the elder generation about the future spouses of our generation;

The choices, the timing and the decency.

Apparently, we should be doing what we were told.

The comparison was made between my elder sis and another cousin of mine same age as me. I'm only one year younger than my elder sis.

The verdict was, my sis should take her time while my cousin sis should get married ASAP.

Both eldest in the family, what we were told of the difference is that 'we have our reasons, you will see. Just follow as we speak'.

Oh great, apart from my core family, the extended family is involved too.

Well, we are THAT close, but bringing up my nature of relationship, with T even more; feels like having a death sentence when they were talking about my sis' situation.

Still single, I mean my sis; although there are admirers. She "should" take her time, as they say.

I of course took my own sweet time. No THE question bombed on me this CNY, thank goodness. 

I guess knowing that I have 3 and a half more years plus being ambitious drew the lines; little do they know I'm with T now.

I just wish, things would be easier even among the extended family once we have decided to take this long term; because so far I see it as me only instead of we, YET.

What are the chances right? 

Speaking of which, T's account on the social media states "in a complicated relationship". 

If I'd changed to that I would receive millions of questions. I guess I should still be decent and keep a low profile.

OMG CNY FAT FOOD STORM!!! I need to shed shed shed before April!!!!


  1. I've been stuck in "In a complicated relationship" for years. Wish I could change it.

    1. And nobody asked? What's stopping you?