Sunday, February 9, 2014

Buffetting : Connected

I guess I'm just exaggerating.

But T dropped by for help again, academics.

This time was tips on studying. Bummer, I'm not like a pro in this, but I tried.

I shared a few of my tricks, usually its just to score in exam; but what I really hope I can do is help T knows the stuff T needs for future undertakings as a vet too.

Plus, my tricks are for like pre-clinical levels. T will be stepping into 5th year, I wonder if those tricks would still work; let alone in THAI.

But I like these kind of relationships. It makes us more than just people who look for each other for some sugary, buttery talk and full stop. We are indeed part of each other's lives.

I would love to have more common grounds apart from academics, but its still baby steps. Once I'm back in the field and start in a volleyball team, maybe we can connect more.

I mean, I'm not like playing volleyball for T am I? Wait, I think I am. But I do have what it takes to be in a team!

I felt connected tonight.

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