Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buffetting : Friends

Today was generally dull, but the mingling with some of the vetsouls made my day.

I had 3 different topics with 3 different parties.

Earlier on the day, I was told that I'm exposing plenty of my life drama in the blog, to the point that I somewhat intruded some of my friends' privacy in the blog- one which I agree to.

This is my blog, true, but it should not, and never should impose on others. And that, I apologize, Bimbo.

Somehow my blog is at its most resourceful stage right now, and the world seemed so small with connections to me in ways that I can never imagine. It's a good thing I have yet to let the world know my real name.

Later on during dinner, Queen and Lady boss got me accompanied while we made some catch up. Well, I shouldn't explain further because it might cause some sensitivity issues; I guess I should only relate to mine. We were looking at how the horoscopes actually do match our personalities. We are all typical stereotypes to our own horoscopes.

Mine was;

(Very authoritative, definitely needs someone to lick their boots; deep inside they lack insecurity)
2、愛整潔,即使是獅子男也十分愛整潔。(OCD in terms of cleanliness)
3、喜歡胡思亂想,性格較極端。(Overthink, with extreme personality)
4、喜歡裸睡。(Love to sleep nake*YES IF I CAN*)
(Easily touched and cry. Love to have body contact with others*YES*)
6、有些悲觀。有較強的依賴感。(Pessimistic with a very strong sense of dependency)
7、偏執,苛求完美。具有雙重性格,很抗拒有人走近。(Perfectionist. Sometimes with double personalities, rendering others to get closer)
8、經常表現出不在乎,無所謂的態度,其實內心彆扭的很。(Usually portray the vibe of ignorance, but there are so much more swirling inside)
9、常表現強勢,其實內心十分脆弱孤獨。(Often showing dominance, but deep down inside they are weak and lonely)

Apparently I'm 100% of all these, although I see myself in an Aquarius. The girls managed to give examples of all these in my daily life(to my surprise), seeing how expressive I am when I'm with them. I guess I am a very typical Leo.

Before I got back into the dorm, I met Galah. We chatted a little on our practicals and on our future onset. Somehow or another, I give others the impression of pharmaceutical line because of my tendency and frequency of talking. It's weird, because I really don't see myself in sales. Although my language proficiency does put me in a regional possible setting, I do wonder if I would go that far, to work for another company instead of myself.

Expecting Galah to take on PhD, he on the other hand was surprised that I've expressed my interest in pursuing PhD. Its definitely a huge leap, but its something I wish to complete in life. I would definitely be the first PhD holder in my family though.

At this point of life, I've decided not to worry about how my relationship will be with Vetsouls or T, being in separate world and time. I get the time for my own, and I shall use it wisely for my self-development. I will always have time for Vetsouls and T, but I will no longer put them all in my first list.
somebody is done with the finals. with the same tone of color choices, I wonder if there's somewhere inside T's head ringing.

My family on the other hand, until they have learned to live independently without needing me to constantly kill my time for the joy of others; well I'm not giving them any chances to exploit me. I'm such a bad boy. I wonder why.

PS: I came about THIS on LDR, I wonder if the last one is relevant lol. Really, I just wanna let it go but signs are showing everywhere.

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