Monday, February 24, 2014

Buffetting: Pure Mind

I strongly believe either T has an extremely pure mind, unlike mine.

Or its just the communication barrier messing around.

I did try my best to drop hints here and there about the, ya know big "S" but T didn't really get me.

Heck I even tried to link this with teriology the subject on mating and breeding, but it was just even more confusing.

I guess the cultural and communication difference can and will be a problem in this LDR.

But April will be stepping in soon.

To Biolexus: I TOLD YOU T IS LIKE SUPER DUPER PUUUREEEE. Like tomato pureee pure.

We've definitely gone past the hot period. As in, things will be parts of our lives to distract us from each other, and we will only get to each other when we are available.

More like most of the time, when T is available.

It's a give or take being in the LDR.

I can't be too worked up over the time that T is not investing, nor can T when I'm not around.

I can't be stalking T*which I am gulp* all the time, because knowing some details might just make me wonder too much.

The really important thing is space.

Sometimes I do wonder how long I can keep up, like will I give up in the middle of this?

Let's not think about that. We have our promises, our future visions.

T's graduation, and mine. Maybe a trip to Japan for T's work and my practical?

Maybe I'm overthinking about the last one.

Lectures were fun, posting on the CNY gathering with thy coursemates in the next post!


  1. u use scientific terminologies sure la he dont get u >_~

    1. I did not! It was just m-a-t-e. and T sendiri guna punya. oh well. I give up. It happens it happens. I lazy wanna get anticipated and anxious over this -_-

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  2. i donno but to me the word mate is still pure

    1. MATING in teriology hahaha. try googling it and you get what I meant.

    2. i googled "mating in teriology" and your blog is on the first page of google....err...congrats?hahaha

    3. Lollll, because your search engine recognizes this page la!!!