Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buffetting : New Semester

Well, its another new semester again!

New subjects, New lecturers, New labs, and definitely new experiences.

I'm pretty much done with the activities now, so its time to focus back on my self-development.

Academics, Music, Health and Love.

Definitely new elements into my life of now.

So and so to the point that people like Biolexus and Jboy would really think I should totally be prepared for the big "S" when I visit T in April.

It's definitely something huge, like freaking huge.

The intensive workshop on the outing was, mind-blowing literally.

Touch of Midas, readups, sharing of experiences and me being innocent me; well, its really something huge to take on.

I guess I shouldn't think too much as of now, like what Best bud have said. Just let it happen if it does, with preparation.

Geez, preparation and expectation, where to draw the lines?

On the side note, I've taken up the initiative as the course rep for an important subject, vet pathology this semester. Let's hope that wouldn't eat up my life.

With another semester as VP of the cultural club, Malaysia Vet Student Association on its roll, and the vending machines; I better be free enough for myself this semester.

Targets for this semester:

1- GRADES! Don't slack anymore!
2- WEIGHT! Health and looks all in a package! It's time to keep the waistline less than 34"!
3- MUSIC! That sax is piling on dirt! No more delay!
4- BACK! If not there goes Fathers' day and everything that comes with it.
5- T! Learn more and start to go deeper in aspects of life!


  1. What's the big S? :O
    Remember to use protection!!!!

    1. Why is everyone seemed to be reminding me that? Wiith the statement beneath its so obvious that you know what the big S LOL!

  2. well not just biolexus and jboy,i also expect you to prepare!:D

    1. MEHHHHHHHHHH I'm just not sure if our nature is relationship is geared towards thatttt

    2. the big S is the catalyst!the catalyst!:D

    3. IT can catalyze into 2 different ways. I'm hoping its the right one. LOL