Monday, February 3, 2014

Buffetting : More than

At least T and I have something a little bit more than daily lives of ours to dabble around:


It was probably a random gesture, but T actually sent me an excerpt of the assignment to be handed up for me to vet.

Me being the grammar nazi tried my best to control my arms, and just tweaked here and there.

Overall the excerpt was understandable, I was expecting worse grammar; so I just shifted some words here and there.

Spoke a lil over the assignment T is working , then allowing T to move on to complete the work.

It seemed trivial, but I felt like I'm at least a part of T's life which I meant, and the gesture was spontaneous.

At least T trusted me with my English lol.

Thanks for trusting me, at least we are more than just.

Now, to burn those calories gained after the food storm!


  1. oh you two <3 u got to update me soon with your life we haven't chat in AGES! GONG XI FATT CHAI

    1. Hahaha, and we had the update! Lol. Gong Xi Huat Cai to you too!