Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Buffetting : Mistake?

Have you ever looked into your significant other half's family picture, and something from inside screams:

"You are on your way in destroying their family. This is a mistake."

So today it happened that, me, T and T's mother like the same post.

I clicked on the profile to check out who would that be, and it was the mother.

She is this sweet lady, and I browsed through the pictures and the pictures of their family popped out.

The lovely family, with the sweet smile on their faces. T looks like the father, but smiles like the mom.

Somehow when I looked through, the voice screamed a little. Tears dropped, and I begin to wonder.

What if I became a homewrecker?

Will T be mine?

I've came to the conclusion after the vet-med fiasco that, no one but myself will account to my own life from now own.

But T, loves the mother a lot. I know it. I can see from the pictures stored to things closest to T.

Maybe I'm overthinking? It's just me. Sometimes being in relationship its not just about the both of us. The family needs to be considered too, yes no?

As for mine, well, I'm prepared for the worst.

But what about T?


Aquarius today: They know what kind of relationship they want, the dilemma between passion and love is always what they need to face in life.

Sounds like me, lololol


  1. Sometimes I feel the same way... Especially when my love's mother asks on when his son would bring home a wife

    1. My goodness right in front of your face smacking right and left! I can't imagine how bad I would feel when I would actually be meeting the family; unless the cat is out of the bag.

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  2. n I thought you are a leo?

    By the way, are we a home wrecker or a tradition wrecker? We are not those third parties as portrayed in those family dramas. But hmm, everyone relationship will have some sort of problems, and inevitable, ours.

    1. I am! But I was looking into T's horoscope to feel more connected.

      Either way, not a good sign; unless the family is pretty much receptive already. True that, all relationships have their problems; our is just extraordinarily fastidious hahaha