Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buffetting : Something Irking Me

Remember the 2nd chance couple?

Yes, apparently it bugged me.

The weird part is, it really doesn't concern me but I'd actually was bothered by it.

Compared to Money-Kid relationship which I took it really differently, I felt uncomfortable around the 2nd chances. I get goosebumps and I automatically shift to somewhere else and huddle faster away to be alone.

Unlike M-Kid, I would just hang around, talk and tease them a little. Just like a brother-sis-in-law relationship. No awkward. No silence. Just plain, normal.

I've analyzed it myself and concluded that its because the relationship is still new and novel, and my conscious and mind just need time to take it away off my "awkward" bubble.

I talked it out between 3 of my girlfriends, excluding Her bestie, and some said it happens while some said I had a crush. The thing is, I'd never seen anyone as anyone for me before; why would I have had a crush.

It's weird because the first thing I thought of everyday I wake up is, finish up the work. Dot.

No one else, nothing else. It's just not right. This is just not right.

But I always tell myself its not worth my time or energy allowing it to irk me.

I think about it, and the next day I don't care anymore. The cycle continues whether I think about it or not. So why think about it right?

Yet, I deal with the Her only daily basis, maybe I should really tell her stuffs to let me get things over with?

However, its just a small irk.

Hey, what's marginal pool and circulating pool? Oh physiology calls~


  1. keep calm and trust your belief. lol

    1. Lol. I guess so? Maybe time to speed things up to keep things off my mind.