Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buffetting : Blog On

Was chatting with the Boy on the social media chatting system while we discussed over why to take extra English Accreditation such as Cambridge Advance English(CAE) or IELTS.

As a person who have taken almost all the English tests available under the Malaysian sun for university prospective students:

IETLS- UK/OZ (8.5)
SAT-US(1670-sad case)

I deemed it a lil weird for him to take it when he's already enrolled in an institution. He's on this tuition thing under Cambridge which prepares him for CAE, and he was hoping for an A.

Well, if its similar to that of IELTS, its really breezy because the components are actually much easier compared to the nightmare I had for MUET.

Private students out there really don't take MUET, the Malaysian band for English as seriously as the foreign ones because of its "Malaysian" branding.

Mind you kids, its thrice as hard to get a high band in MUET than in IELTS.

Get an 8.5 in IELTS? Doesn't guarantee you a Band 6 in MUET. Heck, might not even score Band 5 if you were to flung your reading or listening.

The point is, the MUET still upholds the English quality post Independence till today because it is being governed by Malaysia Examination Syndicate(MPM), not the Malaysian Examination Board(LPM). That is why STPM is was still a really prestigious certification when I graduated.

So it struck me that the reason for me to continue scribbling bits of my thoughts and memories in this piece of binary sea, at least one of it, is to preserve my English balance.

As what I've discussed in the previous post, practicing English in my current institution is still not that viable due to the restricted access to the pool of people being able to speak it with advance eloquence.

Well, the majority still stays in a considerable amount, but not the type that I used to deal with the teachers back here in Subang. Naah, I have to tilt my channels here and there to make people understand.

In fact, being too "American" can even cause a lil disparity with others, making you a lil snobbish. So I kinda have to flip switches between individuals to make the whole picture NOT awkward.

So I guess I've re-realized my other reason to continue posting here. To make sure I will still retain my ability to cast thoughts and project speeches across halls with a promising degree of English.


  1. Exactly my thoughts. Blogging actually improved my english. The fear of being laughed at and judge due to horrible grammar just pushes you to improve eh? Lol

    1. LIKE DUUH! hahah oh emm gee hahahahahahahah

      I think my Americano is starting to kick in after my holidays. Being a grammar Nazi mahself, can't be too careful when I'm posting to make sure I keep the record there mahself XD

  2. band 5 in MUET is quite good....

    1. Oh well, its quite expected as it was 5 for every school assessment. It's not like I can improve my English over 1 semester just like that anyway. And, MUET was NOT easy hahah