Friday, April 12, 2013

Buffetting : Fruitful Outings

Post Test 1 week was all about having fun, apart from squeezing time for Majlis Silaturahim as well as Dogathon meetings.

The outings totally buffed up my tummy by a far cry, and my craving for food time to time had increased to some extent which even me myself claimed as scary.

The visit to Shabu-Shabu House in Taman Bukit Serdang was totally awesome. We had feast like famished hogs again with heaps and piles of chicken, beef, mutton, pork and venison.

Let's not forget the uberly fattening cheese sauce.

Had decent dinner, talked a bit here and there, discussing how should I disclose the pictures taken for the 2nd-chances, and loads of crapping. The service was good, food was awesome, a great place to hang out after pay RM30.

The 7th week was even crazier with non-stop food hunt.

The day after Silaturhim was all going down to the city center for Jogoya because of the men's RM10 offer.
Well, being there the 3rd time of my life I'd pretty much know what to order and how to go about.

Strutting down the streets of the Golden Triangle with a bunch of nuts and rowdy crowd wasn't easy. Imagine 20 of us trolling down streets and going into that restaurant with all sweaty and "well-dressed" after lecture.

No, don't see us as students from the private institutions. We have no shorts, no heels, no sleeveless policies.

Worse, we are vet students. A lab coat on and we are off to dissect a carcass hunting for muscles and nerves. Imagine eating a buffet after that.

Well, we are still smart enough to change the tops though.

Great outing, better bond among us Chinese Vets + 1 Sri Lankan.

Friday before the holiday started Gummi Bear and Kid got me to the Mines for GI Joe: Retaliation.

Another fast dinner before the movie started. While I would say my dinner was okay, Kid and Gummi Bear had their worst because of the zero meat content yet costing more than RM20 fiasco.
Their side dishes were amazing as proposed by Lady Boss, but I forgot to take my dinner's picture; though I assure you it was awesome. Tofu seafood soup it was. Thick, with decent amount of seafood apart from vege with a bowl of rice. Mmmph, satiety at its best.

Saturday a smaller portion of the gang hit Genting while I wasn't in my best form due to the restricted sleep hours and the sore tiredness from the swimming co-curriculum.

The sleep up to the mountain wasn't pleasant while me never liked the atmosphere there  before totally just crashed into the bed the whole night because my headache.

However, managed to revive after the sleep with Lady Boss because of her crashing down also; and chatted about the issue. Big or small I have no idea, but I'm just glad I talked about it.

The latest outing was with fellow drama queen Bimbo, Gummi Bear the dancing Queen and the Hipster.

Apparently the outing was better than I was expected seeing that I have tuned out of the Klang Valley "banana" channel since Monash and since A levels has ended. 6th Form and University was, and is pretty "Mandarin" and non-English orientated for me because of the local university setting.

It gives me a good touch of the very Mandarin and Malay sides of the culture, background and language development, but I would have fit it even better and liked it more if it were to be more English orientated.

I feel more comfortable, without the need of switching frequencies all the time; and I wouldn't lose my American-o-English touch.

With these 3 I have a better English touch with less other influences seeing our backgrounds are pretty much similar, Subang/Klang Valley development. Ya know, the SJ-SU-DJ-DU-Seafield clusters. Even SMK Batu Lapan was too Cina to be banana like us.

Well, I'm not a banana, but I would love to explore more with English.
Anyhows, the outing was really for My Burger Lab in Seapark, and it was good!

I had the Hulk (yea, I have to. It's me) and loved the fried avocados.

I would go there again, but provided I don't really have to queue for it for a long time.

These outings really made me much closer to these nutsy people, and loving them even more. But me being the neurotic me, I really do think a lot.

What happens when their future academic years come? Where would I be?

Will I be the unbelonged one again?

It sometimes, just doesn't feel right.


  1. wow. you seemed like hunting a lot of foods lol

    1. Explains the tummy! When sem starts its all healthy food regime to strain those belly fat!