Saturday, February 18, 2012

Buffetting : Course Mates V3

SO its official that I'm deferring a semester from UPM off my vet course. Meaning I will lose out one sem, or probably two from my fellow comrades I made from 2011. However, before I leave, I was given a task to express what I feel about my fellow cina coursemates heart to heart.

I've done a fair share on the guys and also for my 4 of the Ji Muis. Now it's for the REST of the Ji Muis.Link

Let's start with the ones who went for the same public speaking class for my 14 weeks in the first semester!

We have my beloved Sis, Money

Money came out first to be someone I wasn't really familiar with, probably because she was from another foundation. When I first met her I thought she was somewhat, distant. But time proved me wrong, she is indeed one of the far cry most genuine people around, just like Polar. This was further confirmed when she gave all her support during the Vet-Med dilemma.

Your words "你可以留的,看你要不要罢了," rang so loudly in my ears till today when I'm struggling. These words, were one of those which urged me to stay longer.

I have equal share of fun with her, through the kidnapping sessions with the other Bimbo in my CrV. Chat quite a lot with her, about her and Kid, how'd they go later on. Well, overall I see her as another sis who I can talk to about stuffs.

Next up, the other Bimbo.

Seriously, first thought was Bimbo, with that hair, strengthened my views. Throughout the 14 weeks, still Bimbo.

Haha just kidding, I liked your happy-go-luck spirit though. Carefree and just say everything out loud. Though your constant stare outs/stoning make you a real bimbo. Oops, I'd said it again.

We had a couple of chats, but we had really limited outings to know each other more. The basic views I have for you are probably , still a young girl exploring, need guidance here and there, and quite the flow-follower type. The thing is that you need to be a lil more alert, cause sometimes you'd really look like you are still half-asleep. Or is it that you were half-asleep all those times?

Petite, but you stand strong to your views. Good thing to see in girls. You'd have a good life ahead of you with strong faith. Just promise me, look out for Money okay? You should do find with DKo la~

That was the Public Speaking girls, next would be the Pyramid gang! Why? Cause they were the ones I sent to pyramid during Dogathon publicity period. Weird name, but oh well~

I think I shall start with Bursty.

Why bursty? Her eyes are FREAKING HUGE! Haha in a good way, but they are indeed huge. Compared to mine, I'm probably just a slit of 1 mm while hers are 3cm diameter! That's 30X difference.

She's the typical girl-next door, with a lil shyness around. Quite soft spoken even when she tried to be a lil more stern she still sounded very shaky. More like the "protection needed" type of girl, well at least to me. I have no problems talking to her, very comfortable. Very dependable, had a fun share of time dealing with you in Dogathon and Reptile presentation.Fun? Absolutely. Try to toughen up a lil kay!

Second in line would be Belle.

The first look I had in mine when I see her was quite the sub-urb girl. You know, not sure how is it going and explorer typo. When I first approached her was probably same as Bursty during Dogathon. That was pretty much a short interval, because we went separate ways after we reached there. You should come onto my car's ride more often for us to interact!

I can't really describe you much now because of the limited time I have with you, but I know you are very well associated with the words, 3 8.

PS: Did I mention how sleek your new haircut was? Keep up the business woman look girl! You'd shown confidence you never did once you had that haircut!

Who's the Expression Queen?

Haha her expressions totally beat all the girls in DVM1, big time.

I guess you'd probably had a hard time in the first week in UPM? Your face looked like the whole world is out to get you, or perhaps owe you tonnes and tonnes of bucks! Well, glad to know its over for you, for your face looked up brighter in the later days in UPM.

Perky and witsy, she is one funny girl also. She have her signature face, but I don't have them in my collection. We know how it looks like, and do we love it? Y-E-S!

Another regretful thing to do is to not have more time with her, but if I did, I'm sure we've had loads of crazy moment. We had tonnes of crazy moment even in the Winter Solstice night right?

Last but not least in the pyramid squadron, Boozey! Cause she's the best drinker, or probably addict among the girls! *whisper*do you know Big Sis can drink also?*end*

The first thought was, oh an elder one. Gotta pay some respect. But over the period you proofed to me that there's no such thing as age barrier, and you blended really well among us. You are as perky as Expression Queen, but with a lil control over yourself most of the time. However, when you pyramid squadron comes together, its like all hell break loose and the atmosphere is filled with 3 and 8 everywhere.


It's regretful that I wasn't THAT close with you girls, but I'm sure you girls make a great company to have fun with. After all, we have something in common. 3 and 8.

Apart from this squadron, we have another 5 more girls in our year. Although I wasn't really super close to them due to various reasons,I'd wish I have more time to spend with them. It's okay, I'm only gone for 6 months, I will be back, hopefully.

Let's start with Shanghai Bay.

That's the first thing I'd knew about you, thanks to Course night and the seniors. The first thought I had for you was studious, similar to that of Galah. With those extra time you guys spent discussing over Biochemistry and all even convinced me more you are in the same region of nerdiness of Galah. However, I was again wrong to judge and make assumptions.

Over the week of practical in Zoo Taiping, my views for you changed a lot. You are indeed full of surprises. Even more when you are DRUNK.

You have your "special" needs, no pain, no alcohol, no drink sharing. But its okay, it was kinda fun when we watch you and Boey heat up the place in the street food corner. You got me confused in the region to label you as matured, or somewhat childish? Or you are as versatile to go both ways at different times? You have your stands, but you do care for others. Thanks for the text about my inflammation the day after, I'm as healthy as a horse now!

Though I think you should work out a little more, you know just to keep your health and size in check. We all do.

Follow up, Falah. The female version of Galah.

Seriously when I saw you 2 together under the hut near the basketball court, I thought you 2 were somewhat cute together! Haha cause both of you are THAT tall and SLENDER.

Somewhat softspoken, but FIRM. I know that when I first talked to you. Salute you for that. I've also came across stories about you and the well-established *ahem* of you. Remember to put me in guest list if you ever put the ring on it. And for your in born maternal instincts. The homemade tang yuans you brought over that night was Y-U-M-BEH~~~ It was my first time taking tang yuans in freeze mode, but it was really good.

Talking with you was comfortable, and from presentations I can see that you are good with your stuffs. Confident with a slight tinge of warmth, I'm sure you will succeed well as a veterinarian, and as a person in whole.

Ugh had to steal this, cause I never took any picture with you girls!
Continue down the list, Rockie~

Some how that's the only thing I can put to represent her, cause she looks tough. And she is tough, avid basketball player I assume. Bet I couldn't even do a layout or dribble as good as hers.

She came into the residential college late because of various stuffs, and we missed out a lot even for course night because of some reasons. Later on we did do some catch up over chats and activities, but it was really minimal.

However, I did get a gist of how she is through these periods. As tough as she looks like, Rockie is surprisingly a very supple and warm person, constantly intact of others' feelings when she deals with them. Very matured when she speaks, Rockie does give this assurance aura and everything she handles should be A-ok. What we need is more time to know you more!

Who else? Did I mention we have a Dancing Queen in our gang?

An avid Latin dancer, well that was what we were introduced to, at lease for me, when I first approached her. When I first look at her I knew she was somewhat different form other girls. She have this extra "sense" which not other girls portrayed(probably because they hid it so well, or they perhaps have none). Sense being, if in lack of eloquence, intentions. I mean of course we all have intentions when we do something, but girl I've got to tell you this your intentions portrayed are way of the chart. They are quite obvious. There were series of events, and sometimes they are good ones, some who knows, but its all in your mind not mine so I'm no one to judge them. In the future, just try to keep those intentions less, obvious I guess? Haha what am I talking about exactly?

Other wise, DQ does make a good person to share experience with, chat sessions were fun with you around. Of course, a great team player too! Our team survived well because the girls were pulling it together hard, while the guys just do most of the labor work XD Pika-pow-er!

Last, but definitely not least, Ice Queen!

I pulled that off not because you are because probably its just a pun from your name. You know who you are icy!

Well, I didn't really have lotsa time with her though. Probably because we have different clicks, just like the ones up there. But hey, I did have a great time during the course night prep! It was long enough for me to know bits and parts of you.

Potential 2nd Big Sis quality I would say. I admire your calmness and serenity at critical times. For Big Sis, she would just explode and scream. So much for Big sis. It was the ride back to college from the Bangi hotel that I noticed that trait in you. Good going, that skill will bring you really far, especially when you have surgery or trauma cases in your vet life.

Another admirable trait would be great organizing skills. It's obvious that you are a leader quality, where your people from Asper to confide in you and lay their trust on you. Well, you do seemed dependable too.

A few chats over FB did pull us closer, and it is also very comfy to have a like chat with you. Totally lighten the burden during the finals period.

Stay put with what you have, but also try to mingle a lil bit more with the other girls! The Asper friends are truly treasure-able, but sometimes you might be of some help to the Cina girls also. You know how helpless they can get at times!

So that's it! Whew that was a FREAKING LOST POST. Probably the longest dedication post I have for people! I covered like 11 of you? Haha Oh well~

Last but not least, it's depressing to say that I'm officially a Monash MBBS student now.

But I'm not giving up my student ID in UPM yet.

Once a UPMer, always one.

You people have broaden my world, my sight and my life.

With you peeps, I've learned to grow up, stay bold, stay wise, and also stay focused.

I've also learned that at times, we need to get in touch with our alter crazy ego, and go berserk with food and fun.














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