Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buffetting : Course Mates

So we have this gang who we hang out with all the time, the Cina gang.

Apparently I'm considered the most "Barat" aka Westernized around.

I mean, people actually didn't understand my English.

Other than the Banana in our Cina gang.

The worst, my room mate freakin thought I was a banana when we first met in the room after I've received the keys from the university registrar.

Same goes to everyone around the whole residential college and university because of my English.

Someone actually commented my English was the standardized one, and was very impressed.

I was like, oh okay, I can't even survive Spelling Bee. Yes I did, just to get merits, something which I will post again.

When I blurted out Mandarin, the reaction remained the same as what it happens in Subang:
Crowd: You know CHINESE??!!!
Me: It's MANDARIN. And yes, I speak it everyday at home
Crowd: You not BANANA Meh?
Me: I have one huge one between my legs, but not one. Do I have it imprinted on my face? Crowd: You talk like one, act like one, even LOOKs like one. Me: Ok, at least I don't look like Cinabengs out there.

Enough about me, so lets start off with housemates!

Glad enough for me, all of them were Chinese, though the other Malay guys staying across our unit is even cleaner than us, and have hotter bodies too! Haha all we have are Nerd, skinny monkeys and polar bears.

So lets start with my roommate, who I will name Sea.
Sea's the one at the far right

Sea is the typical CINA beng. He looks like one, dress like one even talks like one.

Long hair, T-shirt and khakis, speaking really loud across the phone; all the traits I put as a Cinabeng.

Lately I found out he snores at extreme tiredness!

He is the techy guy around, knowing a wide spectrum of knowledge, ranging from tech to automobile to politics and some economics. That's because he've been working everywhere, as Digi promoter, computer promoter, admin in Singapore, and his family owns a Electrical Appliance outlet.

You get the picture right?

We do have debates over things and issues, which normally I win because of my authoritative-ity, but he have his equal "Big man" aka 大男人 over the other coursemates and his girlfriend.

Yea he is taken, apparently his mate is quite decent looking too, which I never imagined they'd make it before XD. Hopefully they work out well till the point I become his best man brigade.

Definitely the nerdiest among the non-nerdy. His way to study is cramming, memo memo memo. Wouldn't work out in the long run in University though.
However, he knows when to have fun, at least.

That's Sea, in my room. Lets go to the 2nd room; where we have Gummi Bear and Wind.

Wind is the Mr Healthy in the house.
He reads health mags, takes in fruit everyday, good breakfast, chews his food and eat even slower than girl, and he even brought a dumb bell along to our dorms.

However, he is quite the soft type, he speaks with a soft tone and is the target for our daily stripping regime. He is taken though, but his girlfriend is much more the dominant type. Quite the guy, he really care for his mate a lot.

Apparently his mate's father got cancer and passed away, and he was calling her every night, even went all out to send the girl friend to UMK, Univesiti Malaysia Kelantan to her dorms and all because no one else in the house could.
I would like to have someone to be that caring and loving to me.

Pieces, I had to move everything myself from Subang to Serdang, no one but my CRV was with me on the first day.

Back to Wind, he studies at his own pace, but having him around loosen things up. I'm very impressed with his character.

Now to his roommate, Gummi Bear, because of his similar appearance with the icon.

Pandai pandai guess la ok?

He's the Banana, I'm the "other" Banana.

He takes life at his own pace, which I didn't really fancy earlier on. But along the way, the good pacing slowed me down a lil, allowing me to see things clearly. For that, I'm very grateful and know of his values as good friend.

He's also the other gentle giant, he have yet to have much problems till today, and he is definitely one of the fun factor around, cause he plays and mingle so well with his room mate Wind! Haha they create hilarious sparks in the dorm, from stripping each other's pants and body slamming each other in their beds.

I can see that he will be a great vet. He has this warmth for people and animals equally, and he knows his stuffs. He still takes things at his pace, but its working out really well for him.

Thanks to him our unit actually adopted a male kitten in our dorm, though it wasn't suppose to happen but who cares the cats lurk like flies in our cafe.
I've yet to really get close to him, but so far these traits were the ones.

I've found out from Gummi Bear.
Oh he is also a GREAT dancer and singer too! He is 170cm with 85kg, but he can SPLIT!


To the 3rd room! We have Monkey and Kid/Bos indicus! They are the desklamp duo, in which their room lights were never on, but their desk lamps are always on.

Monkey was named after his skinny face which resembles Lee Chong Wei.

And he really looks like a monkey to me, so I called him monkey haha.

Monkey was a STPM leaver like me, and he is the study and play evenly guy. He would be one of the first to start stripping Wind off, and everyone else joins. That's because Wind ALWAYS taunts Monkey.

People who didn't know Wind having a girlfriend would really think these two are a pair because the way they act and play around with each other.
Hardworking and responsible, Monkey would be one of the 1st person I thought of when it comes to dealing with stuffs and projects.

Though he is quite the flexible and depending type, most of the time things will work out well around him, I think.
He is good around with girls,malay and chinese only,Pete knows what happened to Indians, cause he teases and mingles at a good pace around them.

Everyone likes him, of course I do too.
Definitely one of the Cinabengs, avid badminton fan, quite the skinny guys also. But he makes an awesome friend. He knows when to come and go, and have quite the great blur facial expression too! Like Wind, Monkey's also the life of the house.

Now to Kid/Bos indicus.

Explanation time~

I was given the title Boss because of my authoritative and so-to-speak stunts around the college. Hence, I take charge over almost everything, university or outside university.

However, Kid was walking quite closely with our Course Rep, Jane aka Lady Boss,老板娘, Mandarin term for lady boss, he was also given Boss.

Yet, to differentiate us, we were named after the two different species of cattles we learned in Animal Agriculture.

Bos indicus are the cattles in tropical countries, while bos taurus in the temperate.
Since indicus is skinnier and taurus is meatier, hence our names.

Kid was given kid by me because of his juniority around. He is the only 19 and matriculation guy in our unit, hence I call him Xiao Di Di all the time.

Kid is the quit type, full of surprises. I'll never know when he will join us for the guy dorm crazy moments or when he chooses to spend his own time with other activities. He is mysterious enough for us to not realize he is with 3 girls, using 2 as decoys to distract us to get to his real target. Seriously, what a junior, us 20 years old abangs totally lost out.

Composed, responsible, and surprisingly matured, Kid will always be one of the first person I thought of to be depended on. He never failed me in the earlier days of our course, hence my trust over him.

He's from Sibu, and he's half native, making him a bumiputera. He's okay with his Mandarin, but when it comes to expressing in BM or English, people tends to have problem comprehending him, reducing his efficiency in delivering.
I guess its the problem of staying in Mandarin all the time at home,even in Churches.

Oh yea, did I mention Kid is a strong Christian? Cell nights at Fridays, and Sunday Church is a must. Lord gives him will to go on apparently.

Well, its his faith I would say.
Kid's cool, I have fun around him, and is a very good person to talk to too.

Now that we are done with 3rd room, the 4th and final room, we have Polar bear and THE Nerd.

Polar bear got named after his affection for the same animal, and also his chubby appearance. Seriously he is one cute polar bear, and his voice and speaking style is super cute too! When I mean cute, its the teddy-polar bear cute.

Kuching-ian, polar bear sticks with me and Sea all the time. Probably because 3 of us have great chemistry, and because polar bear can't stand around Nerd.
Great knowledge on Sarawak's politics and geography, polar bear seriously sounds like a matured man when he talks about them.

He's even so good in financial issues, he owns stock shares and solid golds! Probably because of his family background.
His parents own a chicken farm, where he rares his own chickens, though its not all year long. Hence, his superb knowledge over poultry production, and his affection for Vet course.

Polar bear is also similar to Gummi bear, in which he knows when to enjoy life at his own pace. He will be the first person I'd seek for if I were to go for trips and holidays. However, being a 3.92 STPMer means he is also dependable to handle matters.

See, I have one pack of capable hands in my unit!

Though they usually lack a boss to point them around, Me. haha Syok sendiri.

Polar bear loves the classics, chinese songs from the 1950s to 1900s, you name it he has it. Even his CNY songs he played lately sounded like the ones from the black old disks in Malacca.
As "old" as he sounds, I enjoy my time spent with Polar bear, probably the most around him. He is a great friend, ally, and person to talk to.

Heck, he is one genuine friend.

Now to the last, Nerd.

He is the nerd, seriously. He studies all the time, he barely spend time with us, probably just breakfast and dinner.

He comes like a wind goes like a wind.

Heck, he never shower at all in a weeks time, according to polar bear.


He is taller than me and so freaking skinny, he'd look like the rapist you see on TVB dramas when he have black eye rings.
I nicknamed him Galah.

He is so nerdy to the point that he studies just to get high marks in exams, seriously. Polar bear made a comment once from me and Nerd's studying pace:

"He studies for hunger for marks. You study for hunger for knowledge. It's so obvious."

How so?

Nerd depends so much on his senior's notes for every single subject without making his own, probably because his brain acts like a hard drive already, and he whines over every single time he had to make his own effort to search for report details, or missed lecture notes from the senior's pile and heck he even whines over new notes the lecturer gave which she didn't to our seniors.

Seriously, just to get high grades in university, as a VET student?
Sorry man, you ain't go far, period NERD.

Correction, I was very inconsiderate and disrespectful when I posted about Nerd. Well, or should I rename, Galah. Galah indeed puts all his heart in studies, and maybe that's his style, just like Sea.

Before I left UPM, we did have a heart to heart chat, in the presence of Wind. Apparently he made a great person to talk things to, and he'd probably had a cooler head than I do, when we discuss matters non-academic related.

I was wrong to judge you.
I was wrong to be inconsiderate.
And I was wrong to put up an attitude towards you.

And I apologize for all the hardship I'd imposed upon you. However, you still need to get closer to the others okay? Go have fun! Take Wind's pants down in my place for another 6 months! If I ever come back, I'd wish to see you still holding hard to your books, and the same time, pull down Wind's pants harder alright?

So that's our unit, D-2-13 K17.

Weird housemates. but thank goodness the other 6 are crazy enough for me. If I had 6 Nerds, I'd die.

Apart from us, there's 1 more Chinese guy in the whole 109 DVM1s. See how endangered we are?

He stays in the 4th floor, and he is 19 years old, and we name him Bo-i, because of his surname Boey.

The first day we met instantly he had marked me down as a person to depend on, though he have much deeper knowledge around UPM grounds, since he was a foundation in agriculture in UPM.

Guess he needed help to reach the Chinese guys in my lot. Oh well, since I'm moving out next sem, he might as well take advantage to move in to stick with the other 7 Chinese guys as a whole.

He is as huge as I am. though I'm taller and more matured. Boey tends to take things in a much more lighter ways, taking shortcuts and all. His grades were so-so, maybe because he hangs out the malays too much. Geez, he was the only Chinese from his batch to get in Vet, understandable.

A former King Scout, Taekwondoe black belt, I'd expect a lot from him. Apparently he lost those skills after a year in foundation.
Oh well. I can talk to him, though he does things his ways because he too have a car around, and he had already know Serdang so well.

The times we hang out is probably for food and movies, of course sometimes for our vet equipments like the coveralls, stethoscopes and practicals.

Not much comment yet, but he is a good guy after a while I've worked with him. Just he needs to be a lil more, committed.

Quite the lovey-dovey type, constantly hunting down next girl friend material.

After the Zoo Taiping Practical, I'm sure he's the lovey-dovey type. Remember, girls don't go for flings, you want flings, get sluts or go to the gym lockers for random gigolo fun time. Long term relationships comes with commitment and time, and believe it or not several heartbreaks before you'd actually know she's the one for you. Take it easy k?

The guys are cool, I'll save the girls for next post.

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