Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buffetting : Where's me Rum??!!

hand-made necklace~
I'm not supposed to be posting but wthell screw management and the porcine management I need my blogging life~

So our coursenight ended last Sunday with a blast, with all the decors and all splendidly prepared opening ceremonies.
gold bars for the bounty!

However, the seniors still think that the entertainment last year beats this year's. It's a tough call, because the course night this year was freaking early, and the juniors had their college event a day before the course night so everything was a rush.
another handmade pirate ship for the senior pirates!

Yet, most of us 2nd years beg to differ, because most of the year 1s weren't cooperative to those who wanted to bring the whole piece together.
Female Co-captain, big sis!

We had the same problems last yr, but we managed to pull it through and got most if not all of us closer together, except for one, nerdy. Well, its his choice to pull out from the circle anyway,oh well.
Male Co-captain, Wind! And Rockie photobombing for the right -.-"

The prep this year for me wasn't much of a hassle, because I was just mainly supportive and not the main coordinator for the whole event.
gotta leave mah mark somewhere in the tome!

Good for me too, because I was busy running for the SRC earlier, what's worse was that I'd never really took part in their meetings before. So yea.

Prince and Princess vs King and Queen~

The whole idea was to allow juniors to know their seniors, and heck all the seniors admitted that our juniors' batch have more good looking ones T.T. Oh well, looks only get you laid, attitude gets you love~ I had to like jump into 2 different performances in-promt-tu because their are people constantly requesting for my existence on stage.Born a clown much?! Please, they love me, I know that *WEEEE*

the latest addition into the family right in the center! Let's hope our family line gets better down the pedigree!

I made a wish so as we can all graduate together. I wonder if it's possible at all. Yet, its not about worrying but facing the whole situation now. I'm sure with persistence, I might just get through this.

Last pic: Lo and behold the skill of single-handed(mine) camwhoring! haha I managed to get like11 fellas into one shot without any 12th party's help! I totally rock with my cam!

It's the last post on Sep, and the blog posts finally stepped into the 400th post. Wow, I sure have written a lot. I should totally compile the whole lot into like a memoir or something to be published when I famous one day.

The vet senior did ask me out on a food review trip, but the subsequent one stopped. I guess its because of my busy schedule that she've decided I need more time, and also because my less affinity towards the whole food-blogging regime.

I used to be as ambitious to do that, but I've settled down now, and I think I should be focusing on other stuffs like the student welfare or something else. The whole 3 hours of my facial yesterday revolved on fixing the small faculty cafe, making calculations of bus trips vs making an overhead bridge, senior's merit systems and what not.

I remember there was this psychological quiz we had before the day of the campus election, and the question went on like this:

If you had a backpack, a snake, a monkey and a bird, what would you do?

I said I would hold my backpack with me, train the bird to be my means of messaging, the snake around me if possible, and train the monkey to get me food.

Apparently each item resonates to: backpack=responsiblity, snake=money, monkey=love, bird=children.

I guess I should fine someone who love me more than I love em.

And the fact that, I pull responsibility to myself a lot.


  1. WOW. Well my initial reaction was to ask what do you mean what would I do with those things?

    My answer was take the backpack and walk away! But with good reason- they're wild animals and you don't know what they'll do- especially the snake and money! And I assumed that the backpack is already mine.

    1. Gosh, only responsibility and nothing else?!

      True enough, but even laymen will do something to them, like throw them aside, keep them at home or something.

      The girls were like "you evil basket how could you use your lover like that!"

  2. The handmade pirate ship looks amazing! Close ups! :)

    1. ugh im not sure if i still have any shots close up, but i will see try to post them if i do!


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