Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buffetting : Course Night

Okay I totally will and am going to fail my N2 if I keep up this pace of study.

So after Dogathon's Sunday, the Vet program ain't not letting the freshmen back home yet. So its practically 2 whole months in the vicinity with the seniors and university.

The other Sunday, we had to prepare for Course Night!

Different from normal university events, this is more like a private event for Chinese DVM students where all the 1 -5 years will gather for a dinner. It was suppose to be a welcoming dinner for 1st years, a platform for 2nd years to manage things, and a mini farewell for 5th years. This is also when all the buddy line and families to finally meet up and snap family portraits!

Anyway, that's just the overall, the details however is the performance.

The first years were assigned to tasks by the seniors on their first week. Some were asked to sing, some were asked to draw the reproduction systems and copulation of crocodiles, some were asked to make MVs, some were even asked to make a slide for the love story of their own couples.

As for me, I missed it as I wasn't around for task assigning as I had Jap class. In the end I was assigned to help my room mate out with his Muar Chinese MV because he's a Muarian.

Then, there's a DVM 1 performance.

This was when all the DVM1s had to come together and make out a seemingly mini sketch and series of performances to impress the seniors.

Bad news for us, the 2nd years made a great outcome last year for the previous batch by doing crossdressings, so we had to push ourselves further.

The late nights of performance practices and planning were real bother, but thanks to them managed to nab down 5 kgs to look good enough in my Course Night outfits.

Those nights were also great times for the 1st year girls and guys to bond. We really had a great time spending late nights together, giving each other support and also suggestions to make the whole performance impressive. We really grew closer, and I've made a myself a good company of course mates.

Except for one, nerdy antisocialis, R, who I will explain in the next post.

As for performances, we came up with a small sketch to portray the life as university students along 5 years, with me, naturally as the narrator. Not to say I dislike though, XD

We kicked off with a Zapin,as the morning exercise;(all girls)

Lazy song to show how lazy we can get;(all girls)

Stomp to portray the stupid cafe we have in the residential college;(mixed)

A mini crush story;(a couple)

Bo-beep to seduce the male actor;(all girls)

Jojo love song and make the whole love unrequited,(2 girls)

Ultraman melayu remixed Tik Tok to cheer up the male actor,(all guys)

and at last a slide of DVM5s with us singing Friend.(1st yrs)

We had so little guys we can only afford to have one performance only.

Overall, the seniors were very impressed with our performances, seeing how "creative" and "loose" we have gotten just to go all out and make an impression.

Which was a good thing, though I wasn't the course prince.

Yea, we had this poll to give out tiaras and crowns to the guy and girl in 1st yr and 5th yr to have a pair of Course Prince and Princess; and a pair of Course Queen and Course King.

The price of being the royal pair, the course night next year will be fully handled and managed by them.

Thank goodness, though I'm not going to be around next night.

Due to the late schedule, we barely had time to eat and enjoy the max. We did enjoy taking pictures, making fun of each other and being busy and all; but we wished we had MORE time.

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers eh?

The night end quite abruptly though, but we had fun.

The night ended with us all getting lost from Bangi to Serdang, but thank goodness to one of the mates who had me going to the right direction of Puchong, and we made out way back to college.

Great experience, great bonding, great night.

One of the reason which made me wanted to stay.

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