Monday, September 17, 2012

Buffetting : Lost

The busy schedule due to the fact that I'm a screwed up time-line year 2 , as well as the candidate for the Student Representative Council tolled on my quality sleep in the residential college since the semester have commenced.

It's like I barely have stayed in my own room for more than an hour except for sleeping hours in the day.

The week passed by really swiftly, with drama, work and stress come piling in. My Malaysia Day was spent worrying about various problems I have to face as the SRC candidate.

What bugs me most is the fact that I have a lot more matters to deal with right now.

1- My registered courses. The courses and lecturers I have this semester ain't easy, with me being ambitious and all, I will need to put in crazy effort to attain the grades I wish to have

2- Dogathon. The game I'm in charge of finally went to its final stage, where execution will need to take place soon. But the thing is, I have yet to come out with the ultimate arch and design for my backdrop of the contest. Being a new game and all, its really testing my stress tolerance.

3- SRC prep. The pep talk, the preparing for public speaking, the preparing for the campaign, gosh these were intense. I swear I've spend at least half of my time back here in the university working on this. Heck, even my mentor say I should just kiss my first 2 academic weeks good bye. No way man.

4- Buddy. I've drawn a lot for my buddy in the first yr, whom will ultimately be my coursemate in the end, but still. It's a girl, apparently we connect really well. But I think my masking abilities are that good, her scouting for my identity have yet to reveal any information useful to her.

So I have to go see the lecturers as well as go to the stor room to get stuffs for the Dogathon tomorrow. I guess I should go on with my Dogathon back drop as of now.

Later then.


  1. oh, u're running for MPP? Good luck! I try to attend the speaking..would love to listen to =P hahaha

    1. haha im running for faculty so you will have no chance at all XD

  2. Replies
    1. I will a lot of that, and luck.. Oh well, get it or not, its both a good thing.